5 Creative Space Management Tips

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Aug. 13, 2015
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Kitchen Storage Design Idea by Interior Designer: Shahen Mistry

Space, which has remained one of the major issues for any household since time immemorial, is no longer a tough topic to tackle. Running to find place for shoes or extra bedding can now be controlled for we plan to use areas which were never looked at earlier and thus the usefulness of an otherwise barren area comes to view by applying creativity.

1. Using Staircase as Drawers:- Carving out drawers from the bottom of stairs can save you from searching for additional space to keep things not much in use. Ranging from left over paint boxes to unused clothes or rugs, one can utillise this space quite  cleverly.

Staircase as DrawersStaircase as Drawers
Image Source: homedit.com

2. Multistorey Bedding:- A comfortable bedding is the most significant part of nightime. But another bed will consume double the space taken by present bed. Therefore, multistorey bedding is the idea one can switch to. This will not only save space and provide for a soothing sleep but also help in accommodating guests and making them stay overnight.

Multistorey BeddingMultistorey Bedding
Image Source: Walmart.com

3. Closet in Bathroom Wall:- Bathrooms usually comprise of shelves to keep articles such as soap case, toilet cleaners, shampoos and conditioners, etc. To replace fixtures of such bulky and bulging shelves or racks, one can get a closet built in the wall which not only makes your bathroom look spacious but also keeps it clean for the sight of so many bottles and containers kept in open is clumsy.

Bathroom WallBathroom Wall
Image Source: diyshp.blogspot.ca

4. Sliding Table/Drawers in Living Area/Kitchen:- Table consumes most of the space in living room. However a sliding table widens the scope of free space. On the other hand, kitchen wares are ever increasing and therefore need shelves and separate spaces to be kept. Sliding drawers comes into play at this point where accommodation of wares becomes easier and space is managed properly.

Sliding Table and DrawersSliding Table and Drawers
Image Source: topinspired.com & bhg.com

5. Using Ceiling to Store:- The fifth wall of your room is not just to hang big decorative lights or 'jhoomers' but can also manage space efficiently. Fixing I-shaped wooden racks to hang up boxes filled with extra material in your house will work well. The otherwise staring wall can be made most useful to keep heavy boxes.

Ceiling to StoreCeiling to Store
Image source: imgur.com & infarrantlycreative.net

These simple yet creative and innovative ideas will help you stand apart from people who yell at having more stuff to keep than the space available. Carving out more area from the available measure of space is a technique to enjoy living in free space and larger area.

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