Tips and Tricks for Designing an Elders Room

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Aug. 3, 2015
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Elders Room Design Idea by: Architecture BRIO

An elder’s room should be as simple as possible. It should contain each necessary thing in it. According to Vastu-Shastra , it should be in the south-west direction of the house as this direction provides stability and peace. While designing an elder friendly room one should keep in mind their comfort, security, safety, mobility and self-reliance.

In this guide, we will look at some of the most important aspects to consider when designing a room for elders. 

1. Room should be so constructed that it should have adequate space for attached bathroom. Baths should have comfortable toilet seats. 

2. The color and patterns of the room should be light n soothing. The recommendation is to use a minimalistic theme. Avoid using dark colors.

3. It should allow natural light to enter so as to provide fresh air and positivity. The room must have windows for proper ventilation.

4. Floors should be made slip-resistant by adding nonskid mats under area rugs.

5. Furniture should be so designed that it should accommodate the needs of elders. The height of bed should be low and side-tables and table lamps should be there. A comfortable sofa and a rocking chair can be placed in their room for leisure activities such as reading, sewing etc.

6. There must be adequate lightning in their room. A dark room is an invitation to a bump or a fall. So we should make sure that it is well lighted place.

7. Sound proof glass doors can also be used in their rooms so that outdoor noises don’t disturb their peace. 

8. A place for pooja can be created in the room by placing a mandir. This will make their life easy.  

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