English country homes- Interior design examples and reviews

Architectural Styles from around the World Dated:  Dec. 30, 2015
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Old English Home Design

We all had, in our childhood, stood in awe by the charm of  English country side homes shown in movies. The royalty, the cosiness of the interiors and the pleasant surroundings that wraps the cottage always made us long for a day's stay in such a wonderland.

Today, when we have the best of services and the latest of gadgets to make our life easier, we are sick of the inconveniently convenient world around us. We now search for a land where the life is simpler; where we can feel the bliss of mother nature. That's when we plan to visit our ancestral  homes in the villages.

Although all ancient ancestral houses or buildings we see in our country side are unique in their construction and design, there is something special about English countryside homes.

English country homes were initially a privilege  of landed gentry (British social class) who also owned a house in the town. Hence, to differentiate the two houses, they were termed as town house and country house.

These are palatial architectural marvels that has ever since  inspired the architects and interior designers in the towns and cities.

Country side homes are often sought after to escape the complicated and busy life in the towns and cities. These are so designed and constructed that even in this modern times, one can experience the simplicity and warmth of the ancient rural life.

English Country Homes DesignsEnglish Country Homes Designs
Image source: https://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/BN-GN886_0122me_J_20150121122119.jpg

A typical English country side home in Connecticut.

As evident from the picture above, country side homes are usually well cushioned  with a rich lawn and garden.

Countryside Home InteriorsCountryside Home Interiors
Image source: https://enchantedhome.com/2011/06/join-me-in-english-countryside-for/

Living room:

English country side homes usually do not believe in the minimalistic way of interior designing. They are always decorated with the finest of the material to make it look warm and inviting.

The living room shown here is stuffed with furniture but not even for a second, can one  feel it  cramped or crooky. The use of delicate colours for the walls and furniture has saved the room from looking fussy.

Huge windows and glass doors have been used to let in  ample amount of natural light which is definitely the best way of brightening up a room.

Country homes are always lavish with the things they have-for instance .furniture in the room are all cushioned to give a complete relaxed time away from the busy and complex city life. The entire room is draped in colours inspired by the nature-whether it is the sofa or the coffee table or the large vase that holds the dried shrub. Beautiful roses and orchids also find a place in the living room adding warmth and freshness to the air.

Wooden floors and wood panelled roof completes the antique look of the interior.

Simplicity is seen in the way  candles are used with hanging candle holders instead of an enormous chandelier.

Old English Home DesignOld English Home Design
Image source: https://www.histerius.com/hs0315/old_english_home_2v.jpg

Since most of the country side homes were earlier in the hands of aristocrats, the rooms were furnished with luxurious articles.

The living room here  is decorated with rich collection of chandeliers and table lamps. The love for floral print/impresssion  is evident as the sofas, cushions, body of the lamps are all seen draped in floral prints.

The floors, especially of the living room, are never left bare or un-furnished. They are adorned with floor rugs or mats with exquisite designs.

The walls too are given due importance. Furbished in wood, the walls here are turned  into book shelves. Paintings of ancestors framed in fine metallic frames find their place on the rest of the walls.

English are fascinated not just by the floral prints but also love to have the real ones to adorn the interiors.


kitchen interior designKitchen interior design
Image source: https://cdnstatic.visualizeus.com/thumbs/80/ac/interiordesign,kitchen,rustic,vintage-80acac62e2a7d8db61250eba8a963b89_h.jpg?ts=93246

Country side homes never shy away from displaying the collection they so proudly own. The wooden spoons and ladles are flaunted in the bronze vessel. Kitchens are never left out when it comes to decorating. Afterall, it is the place where happiness is cooked.

The wall here is embellished with pictures framed in ancient royal photo frames. The natural, raw beauty of the stones and bricks are not hidden behind the paints unlike the house we usually have in our cities. However, lately this concept of 'not concealing the rawness of the material '(stones and bricks) has started to be accepted and appreciated by the city dwellers as well.

Dining room:

English style Dining RoomEnglish style Dining Room
Image source: https://www.castlesandmanorhouses.com/photos/attingham.jpg

Royalty is one  word that defines the English style homes and this becomes all the more evident in the way their dining room is arranged.

The scene here is of the regency era dinner arrangement in Attingham park in England. Needless to say, the arrangement  is extravagant with fine antique styled silver dining set. The table  adorned with  beautiful vintage candle holders,  fruit bowls and table top flower stand is a common sight of every English countryside homes.

Another striking similarity between a English style cottage and a castle is the way the walls are embellished. The richly painted walls are either decorated with the portraits by famous ancient artists or with precious vintage collection of crockery or metallic utensils.


Countryside Bedroom Interiors
Countryside Bedroom Interiors
Image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/40/f8/08/40f80896c4763bef125e7102f9770bb2.jpg

It is evident from the image that the English always love filling up the walls. The bedroom shown here though small looks amazingly beautiful with the fine wall frames and fixtures. The entire room is done in different shades of the same colour to bring in the sense of continuity.

Needless to say, the love for flowers is quite visible with the painting above the headboard ornamented with fresh flowers. The cushions and the linen on the bed are also inspired by the same.

The bed generously topped  with pillows and cushions speaks about the comfort quotient people look for in such country side homes.

We all love the luxury and comfort of the city homes, but richness and royalty are something one can experience only at the country side homes, in the lap of pristine nature. These homes at the country side have infact turned out to be a  blessing for  city dwellers who, in the race for achieving name and fame, have missed the better things in life.

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