Enigma of Hand Woven Jaipur Rugs

Home Furnishings Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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About some quarter thousand kilometers away from Delhi, somewhere in the middle of the Pink city, on either side of the streets, where tall buildings stand together proudly across the avenue, the craft of weaving is the livelihood. And incredibly, the history of weaving is given back to 7000 BC when the craft originated shortly after the invention of textiles. Hand weaving was the primary business back then, which evolved greatly over the years to shape up what today is known as carpet or rug. 

Jaipur, a city given to profound love for Indian Heritage, every year sees more than millions of visitors who take utmost interest in buying hand woven rugs. Looking at the intricate details and designs and profusion of rich colors that blend perfectly in the fabric to beat drums about Indian Heritage, one's mind wanders on the level of skills and expertise involved in weaving such a fabric. The enigma of these rugs is what encourages the travelers overseas to take them home. 

You might have spotted them on the floors of royal palaces and museums and might have found yourselves admiring their beauty quite often while passing by. Most of you have them in your homes where they splendidly cover your floors to add royal touch to your interiors. They are the true epitomes of Indian culture that has been buried away in the books. No doubts, today it's the machine woven rugs that rule the market, yet the charm of hand woven ones hasn't faded yet. 

What difference does these rugs make? Where is the enigma involved?

The answer lies in the art of hand weaving which is way different from machine weaving. It is not all about just wielding the yarn absentmindedly in one direction, rather a complex procedure that involves keen design insights, patience and innovation. A luxurious carpet with intricate detailing features a labyrinth of twisted knots, manipulated creatively to shape up what looks like an enormous rug. And believe it- all this is not a cakewalk- It takes hours, days and even weeks to knit a carpet like this. 

A local craftsman wielding the yarn.Img Src: www.indiandhurries.com 

Well, if you are looking to

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one of these, there are myriad options.

Design considerations: Depending upon your decor theme, you can decide what style rug would complement your setting. Traditional ones had been there for several centuries; And at present, these carpets have greatly evolved with the change in tastes and liking of present generations. For an eclectic setting, steal the show with a contemporary style rug that blends the ethnic style with modern one. These transitional rugs take a leaf out of modern artisan's book. The best part- You will find various assortments of colors and designs in all types of Jaipur rugs.

Material Considerations: Carpets come in a diverse range of materials. Depending on what you think is ideal for your living room or bedroom, you can go down the line to pick up the best; but always make sure that the carpets are hand tufted ones if you are really going overboard about ethnic look. Wool rugs are most sought after ones owing to their delicacy and warmth. Silk ones have also become popular of late- their exquisite design, rococo detailing and bright colors gracefully adorn the interiors. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something

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on budget, try machine woven ones- the ones manufactured in Jaipur are exceptional in quality. 

Quality : Hand woven Jaipur rugs, emphatically, are exceptional in quality. However, quality differs from material to material. Always ask about the type and quality of yarn used in making carpets. Besides this, inquire about the thread count and fabric material if you want your rugs to last long. Also,you need to be meticulous while buying from a local store. There is a probability that you might be hoodwinked , especially if you have no idea about the fabric.

There is no need to visit the Pink City to buy one of these masterpieces. Search the web and you will find the best deals at the most lucrative prices. 


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