Ten Commandments For Environmental Conservation

Opinions Dated:  March 31, 2015
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Source: sincerelyloewe.wordpress.com

1. God is the Creator of the Universe whose extent [birth, life, and death] cannot be imagined by Man, much less known and measured by him using any of the countless devices, however ingenious, invented by him.

2. Nature is the manifest Might of God, and she can never be tamed, much less overpowered by Man by using anything made by him.

3. Nature contains many [not all] of the secrets of birth, life, and death which scientists discover from time to time and enunciate in the form of ‘Laws of Nature’.

4. To the extent we know, Man is the crowning glory of all Creation [which is a metaphor for Nature] by virtue of consciousness [not possessed by lower forms of life], and the discriminating cerebral power of knowing Right from Wrong.

5. Scientists may have found enough evidence to establish the Theory of Evolution but they have found no way of knowing why and how the five inner foes of Man - Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Pride - are born within his own psyche without his choice and beyond his control.

6. Man is born into a big booming confusion from which he never can quite escape even though he may spend his whole life pondering over its whys and wherefores, with the result that this first unhealthy impression of an inhospitable Environment gets implanted permanently in his psyche as a haunting sense of insecurity and its attendant fear that continues to puzzle him as a potential threat to his survival and never quite leaves him alone.

7. To overcome this intrinsic fear Man deludes him into believing that the more he could acquire and possess the more secure he would be.

8. His self-created delusion compounds his ignorance clouding his wits into bearing forth Greed which nothing on earth, including the acquisition of

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entire globe, can satisfy - resulting in the psycho-emotional syndrome that the more he manages to acquire the more he craves to possess evermore - despite the well-known, inalienable truth that Man comes into this world empty-handed and leaves empty-handed too, and all his ponderous possession will remain here.

9. (Built) Environment is the History of Man written by him on the fleshly bosom of Mother Nature - which bears the imprints of his Past doings, receives the impress of his Present writing, and paints a dim picture of the Future that he may invent in the pursuit of satisfying his insatiable Greed.

10. Environmental Conservation warrants that Man uses his genius, the most precious gift of God, to establish a creative continuity between the Past, Present, and Future in his Thoughts, Words, and Deeds by learning to revere Nature as his Mother - a lesson that should lead him to the ethico-spiritual self-realisation that it is an unpardonable sin to rape the female who has given birth to him. Ignoring this key spiritual reality Man remains an 'urban savage', or, worse, a beast in human form.

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