The Era Of Concrete Furniture

New Launches Dated:  Jan. 8, 2014
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Photo credit: Riku Sharma

The awakening of interest in concrete occurred in the 18th century when scientists and engineers began to experiment with new cements. Since then concrete has extensively been used in houses, generally as unreinforced mass concrete, clad or rendered in other materials. Concrete continues to be used for very wide range of applications, but when concrete is used in an innovative way, instead of just using it for plastering or flooring, it has a more effective impact, which is what exactly Convow is striving for.

In this context it can be said that Convow really is redefining concrete. When we look back to the history of concrete our thinking is confined to only structures and buildings, but now the there are limitless possibilities in designing something innovative out of concrete. Convow introduces an experimental, versatile and lightweight concrete in its latest avatar to produce afurniture and lifestyle productsa for designing homes, offices and retail outlets. Convow products defy the usual physics of concrete and are unexpectedly lightweight. 

Say for instance the sofa and the matching table made out of concrete is one of the unique products of Convow. With just the perfect cushions and a table cloth, the sofa set becomes aesthetically appealing and just as comfortable as any other normal sofa. Another Example of their exemplary product is the concrete lightweight bed. This is something which has never been seen before; a double bed with just the perfect shape and style yet could be customized according to your own will. Comfort and safety has always been Convows priority. Had it been a wooden bed, there would always be this fear of the bed breaking down but since its concrete, it gives you complete durability. Convow products are resistant to surface dusting and the application of special impregnating sealer makes it resistant to kinds of stains and oil.

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