Ethnic Indian Home Decor : Rekindling the history

Ethnic Decor Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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Being the members of the human race we advance towards a horizon of hope, ignoring the tunes of nimbus, tearing up the clouds to bask in the glory of the sun. The culture of this nation resides in the soul of its people. If you are one of them, who is a captive of the county's culture & history and you are looking for some tips to design your home with an ethnic touch then embark on to this boat, for it shall take you to the colony of traditional homes. 

Ethnic home decor, is in fact a unique way to bring in all your tangibles and stuffs together in a classic and electrifying style. However modern designs successfully replaced the traditional old and heavy furniture and other belongings.

To decorate a home in Ethnic style you need to know the pillars of it. Not only that; blending colors, textures and connecting them to the focal point of your home requires a lot imagination. The mixture of cultural elements can create the magic. However to create a balance in design and color that goes in unison with the trend of Ethnic decor, hatched over the centuries we have to learn the art of cultivating beauty.                    

Here are some tips that will help you to put up a beautiful home with characters and a mixture of ethnic cultural interest. 


Exotic elegance of color: 

The two key elements  of  Indian design are the "texture and rich color". If you consider the design and color of any Indian palace you will notice that the Indians have a tender heart for rich colors. Peach and dark copper have always been the first choice of  any Indian in terms of traditional design.

Nevertheless it is always good to look for  a scheme that runs through each style and suits every temperature. 

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Traditional doors and windows are very much larger than the normal size. These doors are often called as grand entry doors. Over- size doors and windows with a lot of art and craft work is a specialty of this type of design. Being an Indian you must have visited so many old temples .Try  to recollect all your memories of the "Golden Temple" think of the design on the doors and in no time you would be able to design your own traditional doors/windows of your home. 



Traditional furniture provides  classic style. This form of furniture is basically a handcrafted one. Fabrics such as velvet and brocade are very popular choices in traditional decor. This type of  furniture is often found to be very  large and heavy as compared to the common furnishings. Decorative trims can also be incorporated to give a more formal and classic look.

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Pillars not only sustain the heavy burden of a building  but also lift up the privilege and the reputation of it. Traditional pillars are molded by a variety of designs and art-work. They are usually very large in size, widest at the bottom and the surface with the shape of a square on the top connects the building.

Modern day traditional houses are a replica of the ancient architectural design. If we consider any building which has been constructed keeping in mind of traditional pedigree, we would see that it's a new house dressed up with old traditional clothes. So with the above mentioned ideas any house can be woven into the fabric of Ethnic design. 

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