Ethnic Indian Woodhouse Interiors

Ethnic Decor Dated:  June 13, 2014
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Designed by: Architect, Nilanjan Bhowal

A woodhouse is one of those things that drags us straight back to our childhood fantasy of a treehouse or to the houseboats on the Dal Lake. The only difference now is, you can actually recreate it in your house, with your ideas an make it much more than a beautiful place where you spent a holiday!

The things that you need to know about Ethnic Indian Woodhouse Interiors are –

1) Pillars and ceilings always make a statement. Triangular ceilings and ethnic pillars like the above look wonderful on a woodhouse deemed to be Indian, so go with it.Dated Indian architecture FTW! No questions asked.

2) Plants are your friends! I’ve always thought that no colour can complement brown as well can green can, and in the case of a woodhouse it is actually true! Use painted pots to add to the effect.

3) Art is one surefire way to jazz up your woodhouse. Warm-toned pieces make your house appear cozy and compact.

4) Lighting is another crucial aspect of your woodhouse interiors. Use lighting that complements the colour of your wood, and usually yellow lights suit this look best. Beautiful lighting accessories can be used to complete the ethnic look.

5) Use warm toned cushions and drapes and other upholstery to make your woodhouse appear warm and inviting. Going all white is classy and timeless, although it may require rigorous cleaning and maintenance.

An Ethnic Indian Woodhouse Interior is not too difficult to achieve and has got a classy and timeless appeal to it. The wood you select remains with you for life, so steer clear of budgeting and cost-cutting! Creating a woodhouse will remain something that you will never regret!

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