Ethnic Wall Design in Indian Culture

Ethnic Decor Dated:  June 13, 2014
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Designed by: Architect, Debarati Bhattacharjee

Wall design in India has been a part of our culture for generations. From the ancient Madhubani wall art form to murals and warli, we Indians seem to really like wall designs. Let us run you through some nuances of ethnic Indian wall designs that adorn ethnic Indian homes with much style and élan.

Buddha Patterns: Decals of all kinds of stuff are available these days, including those that usher peace and positivity into your heart. Buddha wall motifs are very popular these days and the idea of having an ethnic decal on their walls is welcome to a lot of urban households.

Peacocks: We Indians are in love with peacocks, be it on our henna patterns or stencils on our walls! Jokes apart, the geometric patterns look stunning and the uniformity on the walls is glorious. Swap this for textured paint one time and enjoy the effect.

Motifs: Motifs from various parts of the country tell our culture, and make for great wall design ideas as well. Get these patterns painted as murals or as decals or wall hangings and enjoy the difference it makes to your space. Ethnic wall design in India after all, isn’t limited to the geographical boundaries of any one state!

Tell a story: Use your walls to tell the story of Ashok Vatika or any other place or incident of significance, for that matter. Make use of decals or paintings and wall hangings in a way that you can fuse your space with the ethnicity of a traditional Indian home.

Paintings: Madhubani paintings are one of the oldest forms of paintings in ancient Indian culture. The place called Madhubani in Bihar is a classical example of how well this form of painting can be used for decor. The city railway station and other heritage spots of the city are adorned

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the paintings, making them a fine example of wall designs in  home decor.

Warli or other paintings in mud huts of rural India has been a tradition in India for several centuries. These saved walls from being simply done in the cheaply available colours like terracotta or mud and have a design that set the houses apart. Each  homeowner painted his walls according to his personal style. Innovation and creativity, right?

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