Looking for a second roof over your head?- 8 False ceiling design inspirations for your home

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 4, 2016
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False Ceiling Design Idea by Amit Walavalkar Adorn Space Concepts Pvt Ltd.

You have all toiled your way to  build your dream house. Now take an easier route to enhance the beauty  of your home.

False ceiling is a very commonly preferred idea to enrich the look of the interior which brings with it a number of other goodness. Not only is a false ceiling a cool way to add drama to a dull and plain ceiling, it can act as  a good insulator against heat, conceal internal wiring and it provides solid sound proofing. False Ceilings are usually moisture and sag resistant thuse they are functional elements more than decorating ones.

Now that you are surprised to know about the wide ranging benefits, you must be really giving it a  serious thought. Then, why not go through the following false ceiling designs? You will probably find a good one for your house.

1. Illuminated False Ceiling:

Illuminated False CeilingIlluminated False Ceiling Designed by Interior Designer Rohit Mitra

As it is, the living room shown above is rich and palatial. But with the addition of false ceiling, the look is just ethereal. The illuminated false ceiling brightens up the room like nothing else.

2. Classy Oval False Ceiling:

Classy Oval False CeilingClassy Oval False Ceiling Designed by Architect Rajesh Patel

A classy minimalistically done bedroom draws more eyes with an equally classy oval false ceiling. The room looks extra spacious and opulent with this simple second roof. Oval bed inspired by the stunning false ceiling is set to bring some extra effects.

3. 3D False Ceiling:

3D False Ceiling3D False Ceiling designed by Interior Designer Arpita Doshi

A false ceiling like this one can cause uneasiness for your guests since they will find it hard to take off their eyes. Inspired by natural beauty, this false ceiling is nothing less than a masterpiece. The unusual wooden panelling over the ceiling gives a 3D effect to the ceiling.

4. Light and Stars False Ceiling:

False ceiling design for living room
Light and Stars False Ceiling
Image source: https://ceilingsdesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/false-ceiling-design-for-living-room-2.jpg

An appropriate false ceiling design (made of POP) for large living room or bedroom. During day,the rich combination of dark brown and cream lightens up the space while at night, you are blessed to see the twinkling stars right inside your home.

5. False Ceiling with Pores:

False ceiling designs for bedroomFalse Ceiling with Pores
Image source: https://homedecorreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/false-ceiling-designs-for-bedroom1.jpg

The magnificence of the room is doubled with a false ceiling overlooking the bed.  The tiny pores on the false ceiling gently pours down the light that providing  a soothing ambience to the room.

6. False Ceiling with Indian Patterns:

False Ceiling with Indian PatternsFalse Ceiling with Indian Patterns designed by Interior Design Firm JD Associates

A breathtaking view of a false ceiling from the ground floor of the house. The design, needless to say, is an architectural marvel that might have inspired and will inspire anyone who is planning to go for a drop ceiling. The side panel exhibiting one of the popular Indian patterns turns out to be the real star.

7.  Ultra Modern False Ceiling:

Ultra Modern False CeilingUltra Modern False Ceiling
Image source: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Ho12P0MccK8/URY4zhdgCvI/AAAAAAAAItg/l5unrQvm0Kw/s1600/modern-false-ceiling-for-living-room.JPG

A living room turns into a fantasy world when there is ceiling of this sort. This ultra modern ceiling design has virtually  opened up the living space.

8. Wooden False Ceiling:

Wooden False CeilingWooden False Ceiling
Image source: https://advice4home.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/light-yellow-black-wall-and-modern-false-ceiling-design-in-living-room.jpg

The resident of the house appears to be an ardent nature lover. This is quite evident from the way the living room has been adorned with plants. The major element that says about this love is the wooden false ceiling centred above the sitting area.

The guests are sure to feel special when they are brought under the limelight.

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