Five Famous Architects in India and their Works

General Dated:  July 28, 2014
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Architect Diary

Though the history of Indian architecture spans back to dates unknown but after having undergone a series of duplication and reformation in multifarious religions, traditions and culture during its expedition through times, architecture has given rise to some of it's world class pioneers who are presently known as the Best Architects of India- and it's highly certain that their names would reverberate in ages yet to come.

But their journey towards fame has been a little heart-rending. No, the glory wasn't transient, only it wasn't that widespread. 

21st century has seen various remarkable developments in sustainability and design when architecture was seen to undergo a rapid and noteworthy revolution. The transition was apparent but the force behind this transition has been kept latent for long. 

Who are these men? Where have they come from? What was their education line? How innovative was their bent of mind? 

The answers to these questions was unknown back then. Unlike top artists, top fashion designers and top movie stars, top Architects of India were not the heroes of the crowd despite there are reasons to regard them more than that. They are the driving force behind the way the society lives. They are creators - the inventors - the life-changers. 

Scroll down to read about their profile and a brief rundown of their works that brought them more than just glory.

Professor Krishnarao Jaisim 

Prof Krishnarao Jaisim - Top Architects of India

City- Bangalore

A “prime-mover” architect who found his inspiration in Ayn Rand's novel- The Fountainhead.

Professor K. Jaisim been a chairman of Indian Institute of architects and have enjoyed memberships and associations at various architectural institutions and organizations. The lifetime achievement award winner has a number of awards in his kitty. Also, Prof. K. Jaisim is the Chief Industry Advisor of ZingyHomes

One of his most popular works include the Prestigious hotel- Taj Fisherman's Cove.

Christopher Charles Benninger

Christopher Charles Benninger- Top Architect of India


Christopher Benninger is an Indo-American architect who has always kept a fine balance between design and sustainability and have shaped up some of the most intriguing buildings in India. 

Some of his popular works include- 

Prof. Charanjeet S Shah 

Prof Charanjit S. Shah- Top architect of India

City- Delhi 

The celebrated architect from 20th century is the pioneer of the Green Building Movement.Prof. Charanjeet Shah is not just an architect, but an educationist, an academician and a city-planner. Some of his works are enlisted as follows

Romi Khosla

Romi Khosla- top architect of India

City- Delhi

An Agha Khan Award winning architectRomi Khosla is popular in the country for the design of various educational as well as recreational complexes. Some of his noteworthy projects are mentioned below- 

Archohm Consults 

famous architect in noida

City- Noida 

Archohm Consults is an award winning design studio that takes into account architecture, urban design, interiors, landscape and product design. Archohm Studio is one of their award winning projects to watch out for.

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