Escape into simpler lives - 5 Inspiring farmhouse designs

Farmhouse Design Dated:  Jan. 15, 2016
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Farmhouse Design Idea by Architecture Firm iStudio Architecture

The world we now live in wasn't the same a few decades ago. Lives were simpler and we were blessed with abundant free time to relish the beauty of nature, the company of our loved ones and the mere silence in the air. 

And now we are dying to get back to those times. While we cannot change the world, rewinding the clock, we can definitely change “our world” . To live in a pristine rural setting has become our dream, running away from the hectic mechanic lives of ours. A farmhouse, which once upon a time stood for its literal sense, has now become an  ultimate destination we all want to escape to.

Large wraparound porch, rustic lightings, wooden interiors- all devoid of modernity and its side effects, give us a sense of peace and joy that our urban life fails to grant us.

Below are some fabulous  design that can awaken your dream of making a farmhouse you had once dreamt of.

1. Mystic beauty

Farmhouse DesignsDesigned by Interior Design Firm N. Goyal Associates

Set against a serene, peaceful backdrop,  the stunning architectural marvel can take your soul to a peaceful tour.  The scene in the twilight is enhanced by the gorgeous, warm lights dotting the facade. Inspired from the traditional English style farm house, the walls/ exterior is exposed giving a raw look. Porch too is well constructed with fibreglass roofing standing on slender concrete pillars.

2. Sprawling farmhouse

Farmhouse Design IdeasDesigned by Interior Designer Kapil Aggarwal

With a house so well planned and exterior done so beautifully, taking clues from our western counterparts, the entire scene above becomes a contemporary farm house inspiration. Large windows gleaming lights from within makes up a good view with earthy walls flanking the entrance. The confined colour palette used ( shades of brown) has deepened the look of this farmhouse with greenery playing a perfect partner.

3. Clad in green

Farmhouse Design by Indian ArchitectDesigned by Architect Akshay Kaul

A side view of a well planned farm house, enveloped by thick greenery, bringing you so close to nature, the farmhouse has taken into consideration many ecological concerns while building up this dream house. Provisions for rainwater harvesting,  efficient drainage water disposal, waste water treatment have been sketched out,  making this farm house eco-friendly in every sense. A lavish gazebo done in rich brown stands on an elevated platform making it a perfect spot for a relaxing tea time or an evening chat in the breezy summers.

4. Brick house

Farmhouse Design IdeasDesigned by Architecture Firm iStudio Architecture
Farmhouse Designs, IndiaDesigned by Architecture Firm iStudio Architecture

Exemplary architectural design inspired by the rawness in nature  makes this farm house a 'one of a kind' design. Flawless beauty and simplicity of nature reflects in every element of the house- whether its the eccentric interiors or the extra ordinary exterior. For someone who is an ardent nature lover and wants to keep it “down to earth”, this design can serve you with loads of ideas and inspiration.

5. Vintage English

Farmhouse Design IdeaDesigned by Interior Designer Rajiv Mehta

Looks like we have reached some where in the western part of the world. Well, with the design so similar to those which we see in the hollywood movies of late nineties,  it is hard to believe that the scene is from  our own country. The entire setting, of the English modelled farmhouse in the midst of lush green lawn and trees makes for a perfect vacation stay away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

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