Fashion Choreographer Jagnoor Aneja Celebrates Old is Gold

The Story of My Home Dated:  May 27, 2014
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Fashion Choreographer Jagnoor Aneja Living Room Area Statue glass crockery

“I think everyone’s house in some way or another portrays their personality.”

Jagnoor Aneja is not just a fashion choreographer, but, he is an actor, a model, a dancer and much more. He has achieved so much in such a small amount of time. He almost becomes an inspiration for so many aspiring models. Starting off by choreographing shows for MH1 music channels and also family dance shows on Aaj Tak, whether it’s being a celebrity in the reality show on Life OK or film making he has done it all. And his house is no less interesting. As we enter we see a typical Indian home with beautiful wall hangings. A welcoming environment, as I step my foot in the living room where I discuss with Jagnoor what he likes and what he loves and what he wants to see in his future dream house.  

When did you buy this house? 

Oh this house has been here ever since I was born (he giggles). Ever since I was a child I only remember being in this house. My parents have been married for about 24 years and even my mom came as a bride in this house. So that means this house is about 24 years old. I am emotionally attached to this place. 

Did you do it all yourself or hired a designer/architect?

There is a lot going on in the house. It is very hard to do it on your own. First the house was old fashioned as it is old of course. However, recently we hired an interior designer to make a few changes and give it a more modernized look. 

What decor style do you prefer? 

My favorite décor style would of course be WOODEN. I just love the whole wooden effect whether it’s the floor, or the ceiling; WOOD looks good everywhere.

living room

Wooden Flooring 

Also, you can see this house has a lot of wooden furniture and even the floor is wooden. I like how wood gives a classy and sophisticated look. 

What colors do you think are intrinsic home decor colors?

Well when it comes to home décor colors, I play safe. And also from the color used in the house you can easily see that. I think the basic colors such as brown, black or grey are intrinsic home décor colors.


Colorful portrait on neutral base wall 

These colors are the bases of most houses and then the other styles are built around these colors. 

Does your house reflect your personality?

Yes, of course my house reflects my personality. I think everyone’s house in some way or another portrays their personality. I think from the look of the house you can define a person sometimes.

wall portrait

The portrait

Statue of Lion

The Lion Statue 

My house has many expensive paintings and show pieces such as the ship show piece

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the tiger face statue and well me myself, I like expensive attire like Burberry or Dolce and Gabanna and that high class look can be seen in my house clearly..
What would your dream house look like?

Like most people even I have a dream of a huge villa with garden around it where I can go running after waking up. Have a Jacuzzi with an LCD built in where I can rest. Have my own gym and enjoy parties with my friends. My house should have the perfect bedroom where I spend most time if I am at home.

What’s your favorite space in this house?

Well I love everything about my house. But since you ask, it has to be my bedroom as it is where I get most things done, whether it is working on my laptop or just chilling on my very comfortable bed. Even when my friends come over we spend majority of the time in my room. 

Your favorite possession would be?

My bed in my bedroom would be my favorite possession in the house as it is just beautiful. As there are wooden cores in the sides of the bed which when turned on showcase blue

a fashion girl with hand bags and suitcase
Royal Gold Milange
Gold Foil Artificial Rose
from it. I think that just looks really wonderful and I really love it.

Any suggestions for homeowners?

Yes just one thing, I believe you should always make your house comfortable for yourself as well as for your guests. It should not look like you are trying too hard, it should just come naturally. And well the rest it up to you. 

Who all stay in your house and how do you maintain it?

I stay with my parents, my brother and my two dogs Hello and Tommy. Most of the maintenance or cleaning in the house is done by my maid. It is hard for us to look after the house as most members of the family are usually busy with their own work. However, once in a while we do like to maybe change the setting a bit.  

What is one thing you really like about your house?

I think the best thing about this house is all the natural light we have coming in. In winters it helps keep the house warm and cozy. Yes, in summers it does get a little hot but what are the air conditioners for, right?  

Any future plans you would like to share with us?

Well, I am going to get out there in the fashion world again with my upcoming projects. From which one of them includes Mr. and Miss North India 2014 in collaboration with Zoom TV. And well practically my calendar is full till the end of 2014.
As we finish knowing about his house, his dog joins us on his beautiful brown sofa and bids us goodbye. 

Photo Courtesy: Bhawana Chopra 

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