Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips Dated:  Jan. 3, 2014
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Design by: Anish Motwani Associates

Bedroom, a place for relaxation.  A bedroom when designed with Feng Shui principles becomes a pleasurable place to live in. A good sleep at night or a short nap, everything becomes easy for you. The quality of a good bedroom comes from a sensational; spiritual energy flow into the room which nourishes our soul.

Feng Shui helps you to sustain ultimate bed rest and it connects you with your partner and to yourself, which is a very important aspect of the human race. 

According to Feng Shui your bed is the most important furniture in your life, as it provides the ultimate relaxation of body and mind.

Tiny White Bedroom with Sheer CurtainsTiny White Bedroom with Sheer Curtains Design Idea by: Deepa Raj

Bedroom as per Feng Shui:-

  • The bed you sleep in should be very comfortable.
  • Avoid keeping goods under the bed. Having goods under your bed may restrict the proper circulation of energy inside the room.
  • Allow fresh air to circulate throughout the bedroom.
  • Avoid placing a mirror behind your bed, and beside your feet position.
  • Avoid sleeping underneath of a beam. A beam might bring negative energies into the room,if you have a beam over your bed position cover it up with a piece of cloth; such that it vanishes the negative effect.
Four Poster BedFour Poster Bed Design by: Amit Khanna

Proper color selection:-

  • Proper selection of color is very important. Your bedroom  should always be painted in a soft color which suits your energy such that you can rest properly.
  • Red is an aggressive color,so you may not get a proper sleep in your bedroom. Use light colors for the walls. Light shades of yellow or blue is preferable .
Master BedroomMaster Bedroom with Wooden Flooring Design by: href="http://www.zingyhomes.com/project-detail/architects-studio_8739/penthouse-1#portfolio4170">Architects' Studio
Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Designzz
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A view of the door from your bed:- 

As per Feng Shui the bed you sleep in should view the door or else it can lead you to some unusual conditions. However the bed should not face the door. Place objects that attracts more of your attention.  Feng Shui believes placing of objects which reminds your ambition/goal  is a good sign for your career.

An art work can be placed in a bedroom to motivate the kids. Knowledge books,novels are the tools for one's development. However avoid having too many books, as too many books can make you feel overwhelmed.  

Some important tips:-

  • Always use couples(pairs) in a bedroom : Having two pillows side by side on your bed attracts your partner,creating a passionate relationship.
  • A painting on your wall should have two people in the picture.
  • If you have  candle sticks inside your bedroom make sure the candles are in pairs.
White Master Bedroom with HeadboardWhite Master Bedroom with Headboard Design by: Shahen Mistry

Good headboard:- 

It is very important to have a good headboard.During your sleep your body passes through several stages, so your head needs a good support. 

A good mattress:- 

A good mattress is also an essential requirement

Finding Your Way II Poster
acquire a better sleep. Feng Shui says "do not buy used mattresses" as you never know what energy is trapped into that mattress.

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