Feng Shui for your children's room

Feng Shui Tips Dated:  Jan. 3, 2014
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The art of Feng Shui when applied to a child's room brings in a charming, healthy and everlasting environment of joy and happiness. We often find a kid's room full of clutter and chaos, Feng Shui helps you to get rid of this problem. Kids especially hold an expansive and vibrant energy into their heart and they need an open and wide space to bloom. Feng Shui helps to contribute and promote a healthy growth making a suitable platform out of the childrenas room. 

Feng Shui helps in creating a new world where a child feels happy and loved. Allowing your child to own a room is like giving an opportunity to conquer a new world. 

In the blink of an eye you see your child growing. They grow up very fast so put continuous effort to keep the connection of the hearts alive, do not allow fading away the thread of love and affection which you share with your children.

Following are some steps for a good Feng Shui room:-

1. Allow fresh air to enter the room. Set up proper windows and ventilators to welcome fresh air, which is not only good for the health but also it showers a pleasant and calm environment for the child. 

2. Clean and organized room: - It is very important that your child's room should be very clean and organized. A well organized room invites positive energies for your child. Ask your children to give a hand while cleaning the room, this is the way your children will learn the art of cleanliness. Install baskets and boxes for the trash.

3. Use bright colors:-  Colors play an important role in attracting mood. Use bright and pleasant colors such that it does not distract the child and he/she should identify with it.

The main purpose of applying Feng Shui

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in the kids room is to ensure a healthy, loving and safe environment. A room developed with Feng Shui principles will provide moral and emotional support to the child residing in it.

Some important tips:-

Avoid having fire Feng Shui elements (like images of fire) because as per Feng Shui, fire burns and melts everything, so avoid having a picture of such kind in your kid's room.

Avoid painting red on the walls of children's room. The color red is considered to be an aggressive color and may bring mood swings in your child.

Keep books in a visible and easily approachable area. Having a shelf full of books would be a good initiative to engage the child in reading.

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