Feng Shui correction for a Basement Office

Feng Shui Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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With a growing population, India is suffering from an acute insufficiency  of space. Because of the limited availability of space, the construction process of a modern building has undergone a series of changes. The idea of a basement was not very popular in earlier times; the development ventures in this field have been initiated quite recently and soon the construction of a basement become a necessity in metro-cities.  Basement is very common these days, they are versatile and can be used as a store room, family room, etc.

Now, if you are a follower of Vastu Shastra you cannot afford to have a basement. As per Vastu basements are considered to have negative energy and are not fit to be used as a place to live  and  work. 

What if your office is already located in the basement of a building ? What should you do if you are not in a position to change the location of your Office ? Well,  you need to look for some corrective measures, you need to find out a medicine that can cure this disease.

Not to worry, Feng Shui is the treatment. 

Feng Shui has a different concept in this case. It says aif you neglect the basement of your place, then you are neglecting the foundation of your home.a

If your office is in a basement, make sure it has been processed with good Feng Shui tips. 

The three main problems of basement office are:-

  1. Insufficient natural light.
  2. Less air circulation.
  3. Underground position.

Light treatment:- Improve the quality of light. Install as many layers and numbers of light/lamps possible. Make sure that the light provides a good sense of comfort to work in. Itas good to have vibrant colors of light. 

Air purifying mechanism:-  Try to improve the quality of air. You can have

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types of  air purifying plants that can survive in low sunlight levels. If you have an access to the outer world or if you can install windows then keep opening your windows as often as possible. 

Certain other factors to be taken care of:-

  • Since a basement is located underground, the insufficient light makes the room more darker. So it is always better to paint the walls of the room in bright colors, preferably white. Avoid using dark colors like black, brown, etc.
  • Being located underground a basement is often found to be damp or wet. Make sure there is no dampness, to avoid major health problems.
  • Your office may not have any window views so try bringing nature, be it in an artificial manner. You can add artwork that includes natural sceneries. 
  • Install pictures that are cheerful, maybe a picture of sunrise, etc.
  • Selecting the correct furniture is also very important, furniture and accessories that have glossy & smooth surfaces can be used.  

Feng Shui remedy.

  1. The three wise men a Fuk Luk Sau.


Fuk Luk Sau, the Three Lucky Immortals are believed to bring in blessings of good luck, financial security and good

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Having them in your office will bring in success and fame. Place them in the conference room for client attraction, you can also place them on the reception desk to bring luck and success.

2. Feng Shui salt water cure.

Salt water cure is a popular feng shui cure, used to neutralize all the negative effects. However, one should know and understand why is the salt water cure considered powerful !

Salt has a strong cleansing property, and it has been used in various cleansing rituals since old times. Hence salt water feng shui cure can bring in strong purifying effects.


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