Feng Shui correction for a bedroom

Feng Shui Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Vastu Shastra deals with the proper placement and proper direction of rooms or buildings. Vastu  basically talks about  the correct location of your home, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Although Vastu carries all the wisdom of bliss and rightful living but it has got no advice about the correction of Vastu Dosh(problems).

As per Vastu rules " the main bedroom should be located in the south or west  direction, to ascertain peace and harmony". What if the arrangement of your home is not so? What should you do if you have to stay in a home whose arrangement does not satisfy the Vastu principles.

Well, you will have to think of an alternative.Thus, Feng Shui comes into the picture.

Before we start with the Feng Shui cure let's understand, why Feng Shui is important?

We all need a place to relax, to lie down or to sleep, that's the purpose of a bedroom isn't it?But some people in spite of having a well furnished bedroom cannot manage to find a good sleep.  

Well, this can happen to anybody and the reason behind  your insomnia can be anything. But the question still remains, is there a way that can help you to find a better sleep?

Not to worry, following are some Feng Shui tips that can help you to gather a good sleep.

The application of  Feng Shui may help you to find the ultimate bed rest as it connects you with your partner and to yourself, which is a very important aspect of your life.

  1. Feng Shui suggests to keep the room clean and to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the room. 
  2. It says do not have anything under the bed you sleep in, having goods under your bed may restrict the proper circulation of energy inside the room.
  3. Avoid sleeping directly, underneath a beam. A
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    might bring negative energies into the room,if you have a beam over your bed position cover it up with a piece of cloth such that it vanishes the negative effect.
  4. Select your bedroom color properly, paint your bedroom in soft colors. Avoid using aggressive colors like blood Red.  
  5. Always use pairs in your bedroom .Having two pillows side by side on your bed may attract  your partner, creating a passionate relationship.

Some popular Feng Shui cure.

  • Feng Shui pebbles, to be kept under your pillow while sleeping. Feng Shui pebbles can give you a sound sleep if placed under your pillow. The positive vibrations of these pebbles provide you a unique atmosphere to sleep in.
  • Tiger Eye Feng Shui Pebbles: 


(Image Credit:-www.everythingbiorb.com)

These are protective pebbles.You can find them in many wind chimes. Having a wind      chime with some tiger eye pebbles in your bedroom will keep you safe.

  • Mandarin ducks(symbol of love).


(Image credit:-http://www.fengshui-supply.com/store/home.php)

Mandarin Ducks, the most well known Feng Shui product that reflects love and relationship. These ducks are very affectionate creatures. Feng Shui believes that their presence in your bedroom will bring in faithfulness and a strong bond of

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and affection. It helps to solve problems in married life . 

These ducks should be placed in the south-west corner of the bedroom. They help to strengthen the intimacy of the wife and the husband. 


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