Feng Shui For Your Kitchen

Feng Shui Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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Way to a man's heart is through his stomach and kitchen feeds the stomach. Kitchen is the most important part of any house. Kitchen is very closely linked to our health and wealth, and since health is the primary concern, the kitchen serves as a significant component of our homes.


Feng Shui researchers have proven that a person who likes the ambiance of the kitchen is likely to spend more time cooking in it, thereby delivering a rich meal. On the other hand, the personas distaste for the kitchen would make him more prone to getting in and out of it frequently, which will result in cooking fast foods like fries, toasts, etc. which would eventually lead to a poor health condition for his family.


A kitchen is the sole source of nourishment in a home and so it should be clean and well-placed. It should be made a happy place for family and friends so that they can dine together.

Here's how you can do it the Feng Shui way:-

1. Make it bright, happy and lively:-

According to Feng Shui, kitchen is one of the most active places in a home, so try to make it look brighter. Paint the walls with brighter colors to make the environment active, happy and charming. Having a live plant or food pictures will bring nature alive in the kitchen and it would inspire to be organic with your cooking.

2. Plan your kitchen layout well:-

A well organized kitchen does not only look beautiful, but is also well-equipped and is organized as per the cook's convenience. Creating proper spaces for everything to store, making the kitchen compact, keeping things tidily are some important features to be practiced. 

3. Choose your colors well:-

Colors play an important role in influencing our mood. Using colors that depict peace and harmony

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a better environment.Colors that express depression or lack of hope are not preferred. Light shades of blue, green, orange or white are considered to be the ideal colors for a kitchen.

4. Contribution of the earth element:

Fire is the ultimate purifier, it purifies everything. Special care should be taken while dealing with fire because fire is an energy generator; it generates energy corresponding to life.

5. Keep the refrigerator door clutter free:-  

It is very important to have a clear refrigerator door. Some people use this door to stick up the "things to do" list. However this door can be used to celebrate achievements or to display pictures of loved ones. Keeping the refrigerator door clutter free will acquire positive energy for the food inside the refrigerator.

6. Take care of the stove:-

The burner and the stove should always be kept clean. Keeping the burner clean creates a friendly environment for the cook and always makes him/her realize that she as the cook is a vital part of the family, and that she is the one who can bring out good health for the family by what she cooks for them.

7. Add the calming effect:-


If your dining room is the kitchen itself

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Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen
take care of the following:-

   (a) Avoid watching television while having food.

   (b) Talk less while eating.

   (c) It is always good to play soft, inspiring music while having a meal.   

Creating a happy and well organized kitchen will go along in making the lives of its inhabitants healthy. So go ahead, plan your kitchen the Feng Shui way and take another step towards making your life beautiful.

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