Feng Shui tips for your home office

Feng Shui Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Home office, is very common these days. Because of the availability of the Internet and the online market many of us choose to work from home. At the same time having a home office comes with its own set of challenges. 

  • Separating your business and personal life. 
  • Lack of social interactions. 

These are the two major challenges you often face, when you have a home office. Nevertheless, working from home can also bring numerous benefits to one's life. Application of Feng Shui can help you in setting up a successful home office.

Here are a few tips that can help you.

  1. Try to create as much distance as possible between your office and your bedroom.It is ideal to have a separate entry to your office.  
  2. Keep the main door clear and clutter free.
  3. Create some open spaces. Do not install too much furniture or accessories. Having too much of accessories can get you into a terrible mess. 
  4. Allow the access of natural light as much as possible. Natural light increases the synchronization of your brain waves and keeps you in accordance with the progression of day and night. Make sure you have proper windows. 
  5. Select furniture according to Feng Shui principles: - Never ever purchase a second hand furniture, or a used furniture from an auction, for it may carry the negative energies of the previous owner.The table or the desk you choose to work on should be chosen very carefully. It is always good to have a wooden desk. According to Feng Shui rules, people who work on a glass finished desk or a glass top desk may restrict new opportunities and growth, it can cause money and important business deals to fall through. 
  6. It is also very important to keep the area free from any object(s), underneath the desk you
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    on. This will help you in keeping your career on the right track, towards success. 
  7. Color:- Color inspires you in many ways. It is important to know the color codes as per Feng Shui, since this system assigns specific tasks to specific colors. Do not paint your home office a very dark color like black. It can make you feel depressed. Yellow is a good choice, as it encourages creativity. 

Some popular Feng Shui cure:-




Fuk Luk Sau:- the three lucky immortals are believed to bring in blessings of good luck and  financial security. Having them in your office will bring in success and fame, you can also install them on the reception desk to welcome new opportunities and success.

Wind Chimes :-  Wind chimes are believed to bring in more opportunities and promotions. They encourage the flow of positive energy in your life. Try to find  a 6 rod wind chime set and install it outside your front door to welcome new opportunities. 

Money Frog on Wealth Tiger:-

frog.png(Photo credit:-www.anjalika.in )

Tiger symbolizes power and money frog is for  wealth. Hence, the combination, power and wealth. The presence of it can protect you from loss of wealth. You

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place it at your working place or on your working desk.


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