Five Indoor Fireplace Designs

Decor Tips Dated:  March 18, 2014
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A fireplace signifies a place of coziness and warmth in your home. A fireplace is almost every urban household’s dream. If you were a reader of British stories and novels, you probably fantasize about a fireplace! At some point, we all stop for a second and wonder that in a warm country like ours, would it be so difficult to have a cute little fireplace and a mantelpiece over? Maybe not! Even we have a cold season!  These days, fireplaces aren’t limited to Victorian novels. You could have a classic, antique, Victorian, modern, rustic or minimalist fireplace and spice up your living room in the most classic way possible!

You could hire a professional designer to design your dream fireplace for you, or you could see it in a magazine and get inspired, or you could allow your imagination to run free and create a design that you could be really and truly proud of! Here are five design ideas that will help you to achieve a life-long fantasy!

Hearth: Create a hearth that will be raised a foot or two over your fireplace and will be used to display various family heirlooms, that old grandfather’s clock overlooking it!

Wall built designs: A wall built fireplace is one of the most sought after fireplace ideas by most people. Somehow, the idea of a fireplace is best executed inside a wall. You can use faux wood or faux stone to create a Victorian themed fireplace. This helps you to save space and is extremely handy if you have a small apartment. You can also have a mirror over your fireplace if you have a small apartment. A large mirror creates a doubling effect in your space and makes for a wonderful ambience!

Mosaic: Mosaic could be easily created using small silvery bricks or with colored of various colours. Mosaic looks effortlessly chic while letting you have a little Do-It-Yourself fun!

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Brick: Brick designs look classic on a fireplace. You could create the hearth with brick and then cover it with a brick encasing. Cover the edges with dark wood and a dark wood mantelpiece, and you’re good to go! It not only looks like a million bucks, but also is easy on the pocket!

Stone: Have you ever watched a film which was set in a country home and seen a fireplace made of cut stones and wanted nothing more than to sit in front of it on a cold night and chit-chat with your family all evening? Well, execute it! Cut-stone fireplaces look exclusive and bring a grand, country touch to your home.

Nothing says classy like a cool fireplace that makes the whole family huddle in one place during the cold season. Have fun creating a design that will stay in your home as a beloved décor accent.

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