Five Modern Door styles

Interiors- Doors and Windows Dated:  May 19, 2014
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Design by Interior designer : Alex Jacob

When we’re talking house and home, the first thing that should come to our minds, are doors. Something as simple as a door gone wrong can mess up all of your hard-work. Don’t worry. We have with us some door ideas that’ll spice up your home décor at once.

•    Antique: When we think about a traditionally created home with a traditional décor, what goes best with it is a heavy antique door. Antique doors not only look regal, but also impart a sense of ancestral history to your home. You can create these doors with the help of a pro carpenter with very little extra cost and effort.

•    Barn Door: Think of a barn. Think of a home with a rustic looking door that blends in with the Bohemian look that you’ve worked so hard to create. Brilliant, right? For every offbeat-looking home, we suggest an offbeat-looking door. Surf some ideas and strive to achieve the uniqueness that your home deserves.

•    Mahogany: With home décor occupying the center-stage in our minds, mahogany is very in these days. Mahogany doors are fashionable and classy at the same time. A slight pinch on the pocket is inevitable, but these doors are timeless and you don’t have to think about replacement for quite a couple of years! Maintenance isn’t a drag with Mahogany as a slight polish every once in a while will leave your doors looking as good as new.

•    French doors: For the modern stylish, delicately decorated home, a French door isthe way to go. French doors add to the decorative element that you have worked so achieve, Gatsby-style. Beware of strong winds, though! 

•    Blackdoors: Black doors are slowly gaining a lot of impetus with modern décor making a foray into our homes. Georgia style doors give a lot of character

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your home. Black wooden doors are solid and stylish, and are easy in terms of upkeep.
Doors add to the effect you’re hoping for, so make sure you choose your door carefully. 


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