Five Modern Home Bar Designs

Decor Tips Dated:  March 31, 2014
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Design by Architect: Debarati Bhattacharjee

A bar is one of the things an urban modern householder dreams to have. A bar with a few funky bar stools and a plethora of different spirits sourced from different parts of the world! Ah! We help you to achieve this age-old dream with a few expert tips.

1)    Mini Bar: Out of all the bar options available for your home, a mini bar is probably the most simplistic. Now, a mini bar doesn’t necessarily have to mean a tiny fridge with liquor inside. You could turn the idea of a mini bar on its head and have some fun. You could remodel an old crate and make a shelf out of it to serve as a store for your priceless spirits. You could use any home leftovers to make a liquor shelf and be the talk of the town, so to speak!

2)    Corner: Corner bars are a very sought after idea these days. You could use a blank corner of your house to set up a teeny-tiny bar with as many or as few bar stools that the space would permit. The bar stools could be sourced from different places in quirky designs. The design of the stools has a major role to play in a corner bar, because there is little else to do with it. It is advisable to get the shelves designed by a professional for the look you desire.

3)    Stone: A stone themed bar is one of those things with which your bar idea will almost never go wrong! Cut stones could be used to design your bar for a Victorian look. Black leather bar stools will look great with a stone bar.

4)    Traditional: A traditional bar with a solid wooden table! Very functional, very Irish! The idea of a wooden table top and a glass

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unit is very chic and fashionable. You can store you collection of glasses with this arrangement and it accentuates every element of your unit.

5)    Basement Bar: Have a basement and can’t figure out what the hell to do with it? Don’t fret! Turn it into a kickass bar and pub for all your friends! You could use wood or stone as the main designing element and make your basement your style statement. An assortment of glasses could be displayed in the spirit cabinet to class up the design even more.

Having a bar could be one of things which we normally term “Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride”! You could cut corners in these elaborate styles and still device something extremely unique for your home bar. Remember, there’s no harm in personalizing your space and break free of the chains of regular design ideas.

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