Five Pooja Mandir Designs

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  March 14, 2014
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Decorating a Pooja ghar is one of the most crucial elements in your home décor. While we all more or less have some basic knowhow about Pooja Room Vaastu and direction criteria pertaining to idol placement, planning the right kind of décor has its own perks. Let us run you through the five basic types of Pooja Mandir Décor Ideas.

Marble Pooja Mandir: Marble Pooja Mandirs are widely available in various shapes and sizes. These look good and also impart a sense of style to your pooja room. You can decorate these Mandirs with lights and satin cloth to add a soft shine to the mandir. 

Pooja MandirPooja Mandir Designed Idea by: Kamlesh Maniya

Wooden Pooja Mandir: Wooden mandirs are readily sold in most carpenter or furniture shops across the country. You can also get it custom-made according to your taste. Wooden mandirs are very elegant and class up your pooja space at once.

Wooden Pooja Mandir Img Src:

Glass Pooja Mandir: Glass designs are becoming increasingly popular in urban households. Glass can be custom-made depending on your budget and available in a lot of sizes and shapes. Glass can be decorated with Christmas lights to add a glow to the pooja area. 

Glass Pooja Mandir Img Src:

Metallic Pooja Mandir: Metal-made mandirs are expensive, yet are regarded as one of the most ethnic stuff when it comes to decorating a pooja mandir. Decorate with bulbs and diyas and metal figurines to get a lovely effect in your pooja room. 

Metallic Pooja Mandir Space Designed by:999 interiors

Stone Pooja Mandir: Stone designs could be implemented in a pooja room with great élan. Rock-cut architecture has been associated with Indian temples for a

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long time, and you could have a stone-cut mandir especially designed for your pooja room. It won’t be too expensive for the lifetime that you plan to make it last!

When it comes to pooja room décor, we are a wee bit careful. Be creative and decorate it with love. You’ll reap the effects for life.

Check out Pooja Mandir styles here. 

View puja room decor ideas of other homeowners. Share your own home mandir decor photos. 

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