Five Things that perk up your Pooja Ghar Interiors

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  June 13, 2014
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Designed by: Architect, Samanth Gowda

A Pooja Ghar is a place to find calmness and purity- a place to get in touch with your soul - a place to seek God. Pooja Ghar is one of those things which all of us have in our houses, and decorate with love and care. We swear by the following watchwords that you need to keep in mind for doing up your pooja ghar interiors. Trust us, it’s never been done better!

Direction: Contemplating on Pooja Room Interior Design is a slave to the compass, to begin with. It is considered ideal to place your pooja room in the Northeast, or Ishan corner of the house. Avoid the south and the south-east, as these directions are ruled by Yama and Agni, respectively. The doors and windows of this room should open towards the east or north and should have solid wood double shutters.

Color: Your pooja room should be painted in calm, mellow colours such as whites, yellows and pale pastel shades like blues and greens. These colors do not interfere with the calm atmosphere of the room and keep your senses tranquil while praying.

Mandir: This is where your space availability comes into play. If you have a whole room to spare for your praying place, that’s fabulous. In case you don’t, you can designate a niche or an alcove for your idols. Failing that, designate a corner in the pooja room with a table where you can place your idols. Remember to place your mandir on a pedestal above the ground so that you look up at the Gods when praying to them. It is also ideal if the roof of the pooja room is dome or pyramid shaped. This channels positive energies towards the room and helps in meditation.

Doors and Windows: Doors and windows in a pooja room should be of solid wood and double-shuttered, as discussed earlier. We’d suggest you to get a lovely door. Get it handcrafted by your favourite artisan, or shop for the best one that you like. Wooden doors look classy and give it that Indian ethnic feel that you desire.

Decorating your pooja room:  Lastly, your pooja ghar’s interior is defined by the kind of décor you put into it. We’re talking bells, torans, rangolis and whatever else it takes to usher positivity and prosperity into your house. Always keep your pooja ghar interior désign minimal. Simplicity is the key to a happy life!

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