Plus Pool: The Floating Pool

Architecture Dated:  July 7, 2016
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Floating Pool, Image Source:

What is this idea behind the Plus Pool of the +Pool? It is an initiative to make the first water-filtering pool that floats in East river of New York. Manhattan may be surrounded by rivers but the 8 million people who live there cannot possibly swim in those rivers with dirty water. Therefore, this pool allows to filter that river water through a filtration system that removes all contaminants without the use of any chemicals or additives. It is designed to clean up to half a million gallons of water in single day. And, it looks like a huge infinity pool in a river.

The +PoolThe +Pool
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The vision for this pool was launched using online publication in 2011 by the studios Family and PlayLab. However, this enterprise was started back in 2013 by Archie Lee Coates IV, Dong-Ping Wong and Jeff Franklin with an experimental version of the 164 feet +Pool which was 35 feet by 35 feet. They raised funds for that through Kickstarter. To make the test pool and check the water quality, the team had to collaborate with the naval architects at Persak & Wurmfeld, filtration textiles and systems specialists at Mackworth, fabricators at Olollo, Hudson River Park’s Pier 40, River Project, Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Riverkeeper.

The next phase of this initiative is the “tile by tile” crowdfunding campaign again on Kickstarter. This allows the people of New York to purchase and personalize pool tiles and also help in funding the +Pool in return of some perks like the first dip into the pool. This project has become a great example of how crowdfunding has helped build a public place. The pool is expected to be open for the public by the summer of 2016.

The +Pool timelineThe +Pool timeline
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Now let us have a look at the design of the +Pool. This pool is meant to appeal to everybody. This would include a kids’ pool, a lap pool, a sports pool and a lounge pool in a plus “+” shape. Certain sections of the pool may be closed temporarily to accommodate swim meets.

A pool for all types of swimmersA pool for all types of swimmers
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Use of the +Pool for different occasionsUse of the +Pool for different occasions
Image Source: laughingsquid.coma

Talking of the filtration system of the pool, it works as a giant strainer with three different layers of filters. Anything bigger than 150 microns with not be able to pass through these layers.

Filtration system of the +PoolFiltration system of the +Poola
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In today’s scenario, where the maintenance of natural resources has become very crucial, the +Pool has proved to be great in restoring the water culture of New York by directly involving the people to participate in the initiative. Not only is the design innovative, but the selling strategy too is commendable.

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