9 Types of Flooring Options

Product Guide Dated:  Oct. 10, 2016
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Flooring Type Design by Ar. Jayesh Shah

When you get your new house constructed, you plan everything out and try your best to get all your dream ideas implemented – getting all your furniture custom designed, geting the perfect curtains which compliment the walls and the sleek kitchen imported all the way from Germany and what not? People do everything possible to make their dream home perfect. In this creative adventure, you cannot miss flooring. Flooring forms one of the key architectural elements of any space. It covers a major surface area which makes it all the more important. Bad flooring can be catastrophic for the eyes of the viewer. It ruins the look and feel of the space. 

So I am going to brief you a little on the various types of flooring available and help you make an informed decision about your next flooring project. 

There are about 9 types of flooring options we are going to discuss here. The most important question you need to answer while picking up the material for the floor is the purpose your floors are going to serve. Is it an outdoor space or an indoor space? Is it a living room, study, kitchen, garden, outdoor terrace? Because the selection of material and type of flooring depends entirely on the location of the floor. Next you have to pen down the users. Are there going to be infants crawling on the floor? Or kids playing bare feet. 

I suggest you all to consider functionality above aesthetics. 

Coming back to the types of flooring. The 9 types include wood ( hard/soft), poured concrete , tiles, stone, vinyl, laminate, terracotta (clay tiles) , bamboo and cork flooring. OK, now let discuss them a little in detail. 

1. Wood:

Isn’t wood the most classic flooring option you have ever felt under your feet. There are tons of options available if you wanna go for wooden flooring. Wooden flooring can be hardwood, softwood, or engineered wood. Hardwood flooring can be in Maple, Pecan, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Pine, Birch, Walnut, Hickory and more.Hardwood can grow darker with age. Wooden flooring are fairly reliable, and have wear resistant surface. It can also be refinished after years to gain its original look again. This long lasting type of flooring has been in used for years now and gives a rich and classic look to the space. But if it coupled with suitable furniture then you can also create a contemporary vibe to the space.

 Wooden FlooringWooden Flooring
Image source: designmom.com

Wood gives a warm and cozy feel under-feet. It is perfect for living space, and can render a country side feel to your house. It is easy to clean and environment friendly. The cost of installation remains cheaper than stone or tile for wood.

2. Poured Concrete:

Poured concrete is one of my favorite flooring options. It can create artsy spaces especially when it is coupled with white walls. Just like the one shown in the image below. Poured concrete grows with you. It ages with you. It will develop cracks and interesting arbit patterns over time which will make your floor look all the more attractive. You can tweak up your concrete floor with different colors. Teal, Blue, Pink wherever your imagination takes you. But if you ask my opinion then I would suggest you to go with the natural color of concrete. The minimalist feel of your house will make you fall in love with your house every day you wake up and put your bare feet on the floor. The house appears to be capacious when the flooring is done in concrete. If you don’t like the bland concrete then try twisting things up with the juxtaposition of poured concrete with moroccon tiles or turkish tiles or even the blue pottery tiles.  

Poured ConcretePoured Concrete
Image source: bloglovin.com
Flooring TypesFlooring Types
Image source: diynetwork.com

There is no limitation as to where you can do poured concrete flooring. Living space, kitchen or even the whole house can be     covered in this lovely option.

3. Tiles:

Easy to install and easy to clean. Tiles come in thousands of different  colors patterns, shapes. You can in fact get your own tile custom-made. Personally I love the tiles from Morocco, Turkey, Rajasthan. They come with floral prints, geometric prints, abstract art, and in such vivacious colors.

Tiles FlooringTiles Flooring
Image source: etsy.com
Floor ChoicesFloor Choices
Image source: myscandinavianhome.com

Tiles are perfect in areas which is exposed to water. It does not get spoiled if water spills on it so its perfect for bathrooms, kitchen sink areas, outdoor showers etc. You will be surprised by the bevy of designs available when it comes to tiles. 

Wall TilesWall Tiles
Image source: indeeddecor.com

This Moroccan bathroom space looks playful and exuberant with the use of contrasting colored tiles. You are going to love to shower here. Be it alone or with your cat. Or wait even your lover. 

If you decide to go for tile flooring, here are some tile flooring options – get in touch with these tiles manufacturers.  Here is a range of tiles available for sale

Flooring Type IdeaFlooring Type Idea
Image source: apartmenttherapy.com

4. Stone:

I absolutely adore stone flooring. It’s organic, and eco-friendly. The rough texture felt under-feet is something which you will not get with any other type of flooring. Stone tiles are perfect for living space, bathrooms, outdoor areas obviously and pretty much   everywhere. Although if you have a flat in a city like Mumbai you might wanna re consider getting textured natural stone flooring. But you can always go for marble, granite, sandstone and limestone. There is a pool of variety you can chose from if you wanna go for granite or marble flooring. It gives a royal look to the space. Easy to clean and maintain as well. Such flooring is perfect for larger floor areas as the dimension of stone tiles are relatively bigger than ceramic tiles which we discussed earlier.

Floor Type ChoicesFloor Type Choices
Image source: housetohome.co.uk
Tile Stone FlooringTile Stone Flooring
Image source: tile-stone-grout-cleaning-leicester.co.uk

5. Vinyl Sheet:

Vinyl sheet / tiles flooring option is a cheap replacement for stone, wood, terrazzo or concrete. Vinyls can be made to look like any other material. The versatility of vinyl allows one to use vinyl in almost any kind of space. You can use vinyl flooring in schools, hospitals, residential places and retail buildings as well. Since it is coated with urethane it is easy to clean and maintain vinyl sheets. Vinyl sheets come in various colors and form a good option for kids’ room. Besdies stone, terrazzo and concrete you can also get different geometric patterns, mosaic patterns and tiles. The vinyl flooring shown below can mislead anyone to believe that it is stone flooring. But in fact it is vinyl sheet which has been laid on the floor. 

Vinyl SheetVinyl Sheet
Image source: beautifuldesignmadesimple.com

6. Laminate:

If you are looking for something cheap with an aesthetic criteria that fulfills your taste then you should go with laminate flooring. It is a synthetic flooring product. Its cheap and durable. Laminates are made out of mostly wood. These type of flooring is scratch resistant, dust resistant, burns and heat which makes it easy to maintain. Hassle free installation of laminate floors make it a popular choice in the industry. 

LaminateLaminate Flooring
Image source: iheartorganizing.com

7. Terracotta / Clay tiles:

If you love the old world charm of Spanish country houses and the rustic charm of Portuguese houses in Goa then this is just the perfect tiles for you. With its warm hues clay tiles bring you closer to Mother Earth. It comes with in built natural texture which develop over the manufacturing process which makes the existence of clay tiles even more interesting. You can combine the clay tiles with ceramic colored tiles to create beautiful patterns under feet. 

Flooring TypesFlooring Types
Image source: jabuhu.com
Flooring Type IdeaFlooring Type Idea
Image source: indeeddecor.com
Tiles Floor ChoiceTiles Floor Choice

Clay tiles come in different geometric shapes and can create decorative patterns based on the orientation of the different tiles. You can play around with simple layout or implement herringbone pattern. 

Floor Type IdeaFloor Type Idea
Image source: carlaaston.com

8. Bamboo:

Bamboo is another earthy material which you can utilize for your house project. They come in various colors and illuminate the space with its brilliance and simplicity. It is durable, eco-friendly, and elegant. It comes in various shades from honey brown to light tan.  Bamboo floors cannot be left wet though. So restrict its application in dry spots only. 

Bamboo FlooringBamboo Flooring
Image source: calibamboo.com                         mainehomedesign.com

9. Sustainable flooring:

As the name suggests, this type of flooring is done from recycled materials which causes less harm to the environment. There are various kinds of flooring which comes under sustainable flooring like cork flooring, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, linoleum flooring, natural or recycled carpets, and Coconut timber flooring. 

Flooring TilesFlooring Tiles
Image source: motherearthnews.com

Sustainable cork flooring

Flooring TypesFlooring Types
Image source: in.pinterest.com/pin/123708320992328797

cork flooring 

Besides the conventional flooring types I have discussed here, you can really play with different kinds of materials to generate a flooring type that fits your requirements best. Parquet flooring is another gorgeous flooring option. Mosaics created using recycled wood is called parquet. You can really pump up your floor space with striking geometrical patterns. 

You can also experiment with metal inlay work juxtaposed with wood or concrete flooring. There are just endless options when it comes to flooring is what I am trying to state here. 

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