Floral interiors - for the ones inspired by nature

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 11, 2016
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Floral Interior Design Idea by Interior Designer Amit Bapat

Indeed, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.  The streams, the trees, the mountains, the birds, the flowers-the scenic beauty of the nature leaves us mesmerized. Many of us get inspired too and try to replicate them at our home- our world inside the world.

Flowers, among these natural beauties, are something we all love. Inspired by these delightful creation, we have started to paint our homes floral. Not just the walls, the decor too are getting their share of 'floweriness'.

Go ahead and have a look at how you can change the look of your room with the floral prints.


blue wallpaper in elegant living room with yellow curtain floral patternsBlue wallpaper in elegant living room with yellow curtain floral patterns
Image source: https://gilbertogalea.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/floral-home-interior-pretty-interior-with-yellow-curtain-floral-patterns-and-blue-wallpaper-in-elegant-living-room.jpg

Floral theme does not have to  look pink or red always. The scene above clears that myth .They can be gorgeous blue, brilliant yellow or plush purple as well.

The blue walls and yellow curtains has enriched the well lit living room. The lamp shade, crystal flower vases and cushions- everything has added to the charm of the room.

 Decor / furniture:

Whether its boxy or not, fluffy or hard, the floral covers can bring in the softness and pleasantness you always wanted.

Floral furniture DesignFloral furniture Design
Image source: https://blog.hickoryfurniture.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Floral-Design.jpg

The red and white walls make a perfect backdrop for these sofas blooming in floral prints. It is amazing to see how very little colours can bring in such radiance and charm to the room.

Floral Living Room DesignFloral Living Room Design
Image source: https://roombowl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/living-room-interior-interesting-antique-white-wall-color-scheme-together-with-yellow-floral-motives-window-curtain-panel-and-l-shaped-white-microfiber-sofa-using-shelter-arm-style-and-chrome-metal-l.jpg

It can  either be  the whole sofa turning into a flower bed or just the cushions( as shown above). The room, in both the cases, will be the place where you can find your guests humming around.

The beauties  themselves:

Floral InteriorsFloral Interior Design
Image source: https://cdn.home-designing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/white-tulips-and-calla-lilies-kitchen-dining.jpeg

Now, this one needs little description. Real flowers are the cheapest and the best way to bring in the stunning  nature to your home. Though the artificial ones too can brighten up the space, it can never replace the charm of the real ones.
A bunch of fresh lilies or tulips on the dining table can lit up your mood even if its not your favourite dish on the menu list !

Lasting impressions:

floral pattern ceramic flooring tilesFloral pattern ceramic flooring tiles
Image source: https://laurenpoudin.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/floral-pattern-ceramic-flooring-tiles.jpg

Not even in our wildest fantasy can we imagine  a tile so splendid and scenic. The wall is changed into a beautiful mural with the flowers delicately carved out and spread across. The subtle beige colour of the tile makes the setting even more divine and precious.

To colour your bedroom

bedroom floral headboardBedroom floral headboard
Image source: https://www.guded.com/arch/2014/07/Cool-and-Fresh-pink-white-bedroom-floral-headboard-wallpaper-interior-design-pictures-home-decor-designs-luxury-contemporary-chinoiserie-room-ideas.jpeg

The tiny floral prints on the bed and the walls becomes the  backdrop with large scattered rose petals right above your head gaining the attention. The scene is so picturesque and ethereal that it looks like a fantasy.

Flowers on crockery:

Flowers on crockeryFlowers on crockery
Images source: https://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1RUFtIXXXXXbUXVXXq6xXFXXXk/48-piece-font-b-set-b-font-spring-floral-peony-blossom-designed-fine-font-b-bone.jpg

Oh yes, the ways to decorate your house with the floral prints are endless.
Fine crockery with floral prints are no more just serving dishes. These, in a transparent shelves or on bare walls is  all you need to add a floral tinge to the dining room.

Floral lamps:

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Flowers are beautiful the way they are. Its not always the colourful ones that catch our eyes. Simple white lilies or white orchids too steal our heart. Inspired by the same  simplicity is the table lamp shown above. The body of the lamp is laced with floral embossing, making it more than just a lighting product.


Image source: https://intricateart.com/archives/200426florafuschiadaisy.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IAj51agZhfI/UB2XNKF3W3I/AAAAAAAAAc8/4VVL9K_hQTk/s640/T_WithZoom.jpg

Paintings are yet another brilliant way to bring those lovely flowers to the interiors. A painting done in a colour palette that compliments your walls can bring the bare and dull walls alive.

Floor rugs:

Floral Floor RugsFloral Floor Rugs
Images source: https://www.zingyhomes.com/floral-design-rugs-durable-wool-rug/p/

Now, comes the humblest element of the room. Floor rugs. Many amongst us have a fetish for handcrafted, locally made floor rugs. There is indeed a charm that these ethnic floor rugs imparts to our room.

The woollen  floor rug  shown above provides warmth not just to your feet but to your eyes as well with vibrant floral prints.

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