Floral print- an evergreen theme for your decor

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 29, 2015
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Floral Print Home Decor Idea by Interior Designer Pooja Gosavi

Flowers - something which can bring a wide smile on your face  when you are low and lonely. They are the ultimate symbol of beauty, love and care we have in our life. How true is the lines by  Ralph  Waldo Emerson - The earth laughs in flowers.  A world without flowers would be as good as  having a wall without colours.

These charming beauties of the nature have inspired us to create floral prints-prints that are now  part of almost everything we have-whether its our clothings, accessories or the decor.

Floral prints have been an evergreen choice for decorating the homes.  Let's have a look at how these prints have intensified the demeanour of the interiors.

Transitional living roomTransitional Living Room
Image source: https://st.hzcdn.com/simgs/54d135ed021cfee1_4-0096/transitional-living-room.jpg

A living room looks far more appealing with a bunch of flowers. The look of this living room is ethereal  with a sofa draped in floral print.

painted living room
Painted Living Room
Image source: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/533c975be4b0600fcd32bfa4/5543dc9fe4b0528c14b0c042/565cf219e4b03934293aa8cb/1448931870878/

The delicate combination of pink and white has painted the living room with charm and tranquility.

kenmare floral print curtainKenmare floral print curtain
Image source: https://www.womeninbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/kenmare-floral-print-curtain-tie-backs-red-1.jpg

A room with brown and white as its base colour gets a fresh leash of life with the floral print curtains done in ivory.

floral table lampFloral table lamp
Image source: https://www.shadesoflight.com/images/W/TL10058BL-01.jpg

Give a royal touch to your bedroom with a floral table lamp.

floral print bedroom decorFloral print bedroom decor
Image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8e/84/e9/8e84e90f562eafcf10f6e5baeea1ea22.jpg

When you wake up on a floral print bedding, surrounded by fresh lilies and roses, you are sure to wake up the princess in you. No better way to start your day!

Floral Print wall decorFloral Print wall decor
Image source: https://www.dailyicon.net/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/mondrian04dailyicon.jpg

If pinks and violets are not your type, there are the bold black and white floral prints to beautify your decor. The bedroom above flaunts royalty in a metallic black and white floral wallpaper. The confined colour palette used has enhanced the look of the room. The colours which otherwise had looked bland has, here, with the floral background, given a stunning look to the bedroom.

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