Flower Arrangement for Living Room

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  April 5, 2014
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Design by, Architect: Hameeda Sharma

Flowers have adorned homes since time immemorial. The beauty of flowers is both irresistible and incomparable. The very sight of a fresh flower attracts you like nothing else. They have been a symbol of love, romance, joy and devotion. No matter what the setting might be, a tastefully done floral arrangements for living room can make it the more inviting and attractive. Indian homes can often be seen using flowers for decoration on all sorts of occasions. Typically the South Indian states tend to use flowers in decorating their entrance, verandas and sitting rooms. But, slowly the flowers are moving into the homes all over India.

In your living room you can literally create the mood that you desire by choosing the right color and the right placing accompanied with a suitable flower holder; be it a vase, bud holder, the brass pot or a simple flower basket.


Just think of a splash of bright pink roses or hydrangeas in the middle of an otherwise white or light cream colored living room and see how it uplifts the mood of the entire room. Similarly you can always offset the theme and the ambience of your living room by simply throwing in some color to either lift up or tone down its look and feel. The color of flowers can also mean setting up the mood for the occasion. For a somber mood you could pick white Lilies or Orchids and for a peppy mood or occasion you could go for bright pink Peonies or Cockscomb.

Flower holder

The big brass flower and petal holders from Southern India are quite popular as a welcome sign. You can fill them up with fresh water…throw in some lose flower petals and let an ensemble of various flowers from your garden float in them along with some floating candles

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night. For a more soothing touch you can always add some aroma oil or perfume to the water.

Good old flower vases come in myriad shapes, sizes and colors and you can pick and chose them as per the interiors of your room. The big ones are often more suitable for a dining table and the small and medium size ones are more appropriate for the central table. You can also use little bud holders to display your blooming roses in a scattered or well laid out manner.

The flower hangers or little pot holders are one of the most decorative pieces to display your flowers. As you can hang them at an appropriate place and let the fragrance of the flowers waft through the room.


The big southern brass flower and petal holders are the best for the entrance areas or right next to the door of your living room. The pot holders should be placed either in the corners or alongside the walls. Since they dangle; they are not ideal for a central placement. For the central positioning of flowers a coffee table is usually the best placing. You can also place pretty flower vases on the little corner tables

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the living room.

Once you get hooked on to the flower arrangement; it won’t take you long to come up with your own creative ideas of color, holder and placement ideas and tricks. So go roses, tulips and gardenias…

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