5 Quick Tips to Decorate your Home with Flowers

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  July 24, 2015
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Flower arrangement ideas by Interior Designer: Shahen Mistry

Flowers, the word which cannot be uttered without a smile, is nature's bliss and to welcome this blessing will undoubtedly beautify our houses. Floral surroundings take us into an unknown realm similar to paradise from where nobody wants to return. However, you should be aware of using specific flowers at proper places to enhance their charm.

1. Rose Petals in a Bowl on the Table: Petals of red rose dipped in pure water or rose water kept in a glass bowl or a jar placed in the middle of centre table or the dining table increases the beauty of the table and makes eating a cherished activity.

Rose Petals in a Bowl on the TableRose Petals in a Bowl on the Table
Image Source: marjoriemcdonaldooi.tumblr.com

2. Sunflowers in Sun Facing Window: Placing pots or baskets bearing sunflowers in the sun facing windows not only make the place attractive but also relieve the inhabitants of withering due to sunlight as these follow the sun. Yellow flowers when sparkle with orangish-yellow sunlight make our house a better place.

SunflowersSunflowers in Sun Facing Window
Image Source: annaleahart.com

3. Daffodils/Locally Available Flowers at the Entrance: Drawing rooms are made the most beautiful and presentable for they are the exterior of the house's interior. Same goes with the entrance door which if decorated by colourful flowers at the sides can do wonders. Beautiful flowers are a visual treat and daffodils spread fragrance all around.

colourful flowersColourful Flowers
Image Source: diynetwork.com

4. Lotus in Temple: This might sound like "LOTUS TEMPLE" but temples are a significant part and most valued area of the house. Keeping lotus in front of the idols not only brings in wealth and harmony but also beautifies your temple. However, they can be replaced in a couple of days if not regularly.

Lotus in TempleLotus in Temple
Image Source: yogaindialove.tumblr.com

5. Lilies in Vases on Side Tables: Vases carry flowers with an extraordinary charm. Added to it when lilies are placed into it and they are kept at side tables or study tables in the house, the place becomes aromatic. Along with their frangrance their hues are so appealing to eyes that one cannot set his eyes off without gazing them for quite long.

Lilies in VasesLilies in Vases on Side Tables

If not anything else, such floral arrangement will bring fragrance, beauty and freshness to your home. Not only are they appealing to eyes but give comfort to the soul by distributing and spreading their immense beauty.
Do you have any suggestions? If yes, don't hestitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

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