Fluid Studio Cafe - The Founder's Story

Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  Feb. 2, 2015
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Fluid Studio Café was an idea I perceived while living in England, where my love for coffee became stronger. I was further intrigued by the beautiful cafés in Scotland, Prague and Vienna during my regular travels and that is when I decided to start a café in my home city Bangalore.

Talking about the interiors, I was determined on having a classic feel to the place. The idea was to sell a pleasant experience and not just the coffees and bites.

I hired an architect friend, Anuja Pai, for the job. Having been educated in sustainable architecture from England and with considerable experience in retail structures, Anuja was the person who could easily comprehend what I had in my mind for Fluid Studio Café. I wanted to focus on making the café a rendezvous destination and to relax and unwind over amazing coffees we serve. The interior were not to be over powering, encouraging people to be comfortable and conversant. Hence, we say “We brew coffees while you brew conversations”. We decided to have the humbleness of a typical old Bangalore’s earthy flavour with the classic English coffee house style service. Simple and classy were the words we had in mind. This was evident with our selection of pure white thick and heavy crockery, and shiny stainless steel cutlery. I was stringent on the café being a green design to a maximum extent possible and invited a lot of sustainable ideas from the architect.

The Concept:
Going by the universal truth “Home is the best place” our design aimed at putting the customers at ease as soon as they entered our store. Drawing inspiration from the tag line of The Fluid Studio Café ‘’we brew coffees while you brew conversations”, our idea was to bring a second home feel to the café space.

The location we chose was placed in the heart of South Bangalore, Banashankari, and on the second floor of a residential building, perfect to give a relaxed, cozy and classy experience away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Mood to be created:
The selection of the all materials, furniture and colour tones emerged from the idea to have a simple space which smells and feels coffee with vintage touch where a customer can sip invigorating coffees of freshly crushed beans of our international blends with heartwarming light bites and feel relaxed.

The interiors were also to have a raw hand-picked crafty look. To complement this, the music we play are contemporary jazz, country, pop and pop rock to set the mood. We do unplugged live on some weekends too.

The 1,000 sq.ft area site was a perfect rectangle with windows on both sides throwing beautiful raw sunlight in the space making the area naturally lit in the day-time.

The entrance at the street level is welcoming with warm tones of the sign board inviting the customer right up the café door.

As one walks up the stairs the white and burgundy walls with yellow arched windows give an amazing blend silhouettes leading the customer to the entrance of the cafe. ‘The feeling is somewhat like the one when just after college one takes a chatty bunch of friends home to extend the fun and wants to go in his fun abode  directly, skipping the questionable looks of the family elders (quintessential Bangalore feel) through these magical stairs.

Waiting Area:
The entrance has a small 5ft wide space that shall act as waiting space for the café. This space is dedicated for people who would like to excuse themselves from the group inside the café to attend phone calls.

The windows have been giving handmade cane rolled-up blends with a neo classic feel. The grills of the vintage style are maintained and with pure white paint on them.

The space is planned for people of all ages with independent black granite top tables and custom-made wrought iron chairs with light pine wooden polished seats, keeping ergonomic comfort of customers in mind. The café has a centrally placed sofa area for incorporating the jamming session that were planned to be held every weekend. The sofa too is of cane with warm polish and earth tone strippy fabric.

The lighting is kept function-based with grid iron pattern spot lights with a warm tinge. The Counter area is well lit with warm yellow hanging lights. The café is equipped with second-layer of hidden lights under the Plaster of Paris ceiling to have a washed-light effect during small gatherings and events.

The pantry area is separated from the main serving space with small laminated double doors. The pantry area is designed purely to be functional with cooking space and space storage of food and packaging material.

Common wash room:
The café has a common wash-room finished with ivory ceramic tiles on the walls, white fixtures and a dark wenge tone laminated door.

Counter Area:
The counter area in the main source point of the mother ship, with a beautiful shiny crimson-coloured stainless steel state-of-the-art espresso machine, which is placed at the far end of the entrance. It is finished with dark Wenge laminate.

The back wall is finished with pattern of laminate design flanked with the long Black slate styled Menu board on the top.

The front counter area has a mini chequered display area for merchandise display lit with warm yellow spot lights

The entire flooring is finished with dark wooden vinyl planks. This flooring gives the warmth to the interiors and plays as a balanced contrast to the pure white ceiling.

Although the café is provided with 3 tons of white inverter ac units, it was suggested to have another sustainable solution of wall hung fans to be used with open windows on pleasant days.

Fluid Studio Cafe, Founder: Aditya

In a

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Berger Silk Designzz
shell the Fluid Studio café is a local town café with a slight punch of international class and local café touch, enveloped by earthen tones to give it the feel of the Bangalore soil.

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