Four Fountains Spa Interiors

Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  March 5, 2015
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Four Fountains has destressing spas in all major metros of India. Since our spas are meant to be de-stressing, we needed to get the ambiance right and make the place welcoming for anyone who walks in and rejuvenating for our clients.

Main Entrance/Facade Elevation:
The most essential thing for any premises’ design is its entrance or facade. We always try to keep it as simple as possible as it gives us the much required depth in terms of scheming.

Reception & Waiting Area:
The first thing we come across after entering any center is the reception & waiting lounge. Uses of shades like brown, black with illumination of warm white colours gives the perfect mood for our centers.Contrast to that we use white mirror polished stones below seating for guests also adds value to our designs.

Waiting Area

Consultation Room:
It’s the recent addition to our spa design and placement squad. We are still in the process of getting the perfect setup for consultation room. But as of now we kept it easy like brown table along with morning glory walls and silver/copper cushion for wooden poofs. We will surely come up with some innovative scheme in the coming times.

Consultation Room

Therapy Room:
This is the reason why our client wants to come again and again in our spa. Blend of features like transverse guest locker, interesting quote frames, stiff mirror frame and appealing hanger gives us the much required intensity for the therapy rooms. As far as shower stalls are concerned it gives a perfect example of simplicity and elegance with brown shade and warm white illuminations.

Therapy Room

Employee Room:
For us, the personal space of our dedicated employees is also as important as our guest’s. Hence we create a separate locker for each

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every employee where they can store their personal stuff. Most of the times we keep our pantry area into employees room only so that it becomes easy and comfortable for our employees to prepare and serve green tea directly.

Rest Room:
Warm white illumination with brown shade scheme is what we follow for our rest room. And the reason being using these shades is as it gives a perfect merger of style, elegance and simplicity.

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