4 Poster Bed types

Furniture Dated:  March 2, 2016
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Four Poster Bed Design by Architect Harshad Dongre

Beds remain the ultimate focal point of a bedroom no matter how stylish and elegant other accessories are. A bed to sleep in can be more than just cozy and comfortable. With elegant structure and design, they can create a statement that reflects your style.

Talking about bed types, one cannot miss Poster Beds. Poster Beds are the ones with four vertical posts or column, one at each corner that are often highly decorated. These poster beds which originated in the 16th century have ever since been a rage across the world. And with evolving designs and patterns these refuse to get dated.

Traditional poster beds are royal with intricate carving and curves while the modern ones are simple and sleek with clean sharp lines. To know more about these timeless designs, read on -

Four poster bed

Four poster beds can be called the head of poster bed family.  The beds have long posts at each corner with or without elaborate headboard and footboard. For a considerably large bedroom, four poster beds can be a fitting variation of the bed. These can add a lot of effect to a simply done bedroom -
all with these four posters. There come both the traditional and modern designs to go with any type of bedroom and style.

Traditional touch

Traditional Four Poster BedTraditional Four Poster Bed
Image Source: foter.com

The posters here are ornate with intricate carvings all along their height. The ones flanking the headboard have a slightly different design that saves it from becoming too stodgy.

A modern take

Modern Four Poster BedModern Four Poster Bed
Image Source: sweetcouch.com

Now, for the ones who love the contemporary or modern interiors, the four poster beds come in sleek and slender designs too.
Here is a sleek and slender version of four posters. The posters are thin and fine, tapering upwards that matches with a minimalist or contemporary interior theme without any heavy carvings or embellishments.

Canopy beds

These are another type of member of the four poster bed family. The bed consists of four posts as in that of a four poster bed and a tester/roof that joins these posts and provides a frame for cloth to wrap the bed. This style of bed provides privacy and warmth with fabric completely wrapped around the bed.

Traditional touch

Traditional Poster BedTraditional Poster Bed
Image Source: www.vafurnituremarket.com

The traditional canopy bed seems to provide more privacy as the posts and testers are often very broad and elaborate (with fine detailing). The fabric chosen in ancient times were often the thick tapestry ones that protected the bed from the cold. As overall temperature started to rise, these thick swags started to disappear and made way to thinner and softer materials like silk and cotton

A modern take

Modern Poster BedModern Poster Bed
Image Source: elledecor.in

Oak, Mahagony, Birch and Rosewood may have gone too old for some. So here is a stunning canopy bed made of lustrous metal.

A contemporary blend

And here is one for those who want it traditionally trendy. The posts are thin and tall and end with elegant finials. The sleek testers, footboard and headboard get highlighted with simple and elegant work.

Poster Beds DesignPoster Beds Design
Image Source: www.walmart.com

Half tester beds

Half tester beds are a type of canopy beds in which the tester is attached to the headboard, leaving the other side open which is often smaller in height than at the headboard. The tester so designed helps to cover the head portion creating a beautiful aura.

Luxury Four Poster Bed DesignLuxury Four Poster Bed Design
Image Source: divinedreams.co.uk

Pencil posts

Posts for poster beds come in different shapes and designs. Out of the many, pencil posts are an evergreen selection among the poster bed lovers. As the name suggests, the posts are thin, round and tapering upwards. These are often kept plain with no detailing or carvings, occasionally topped with finials.

Poster Beds DesignPoster Beds Design
Image Source: www.donharrisfurniture.com

So, what are you waiting for? Do not deprive your bedrooms of these elegant poster beds. With a wide range of designs available, you will not find it hard to get the perfect one for you.

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