Foyer Decoration with Hand Made Flowers - 7 Great Options

Decor Tips Dated:  July 20, 2015
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Flower vase at the entrance, Image source:

What can be better than welcoming your guests with flowers!!

Since your entryway is what your guests will see right away it becomes extremely important to make your foyer look attractive and presentable. A very trendy and eye capturing way is to decorate your foyer with flowers and give it a natural essence. As already said “A first impression is the last one” and to make it the best, here are different kinds of floral ideas you can enhance your entryway with.

Stocking flowers- Get back to the era of the 70’s by designing these beautiful stocking flowers in your own way. These artificial flowers can be made from unused nylon stockings and give a unique look to your foyer. Their petals can be given desired shapes and colours which add to their beauty.

stocking flowersStocking flowers
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Crafty felt flowers- Pour in some craft at your doorstep and welcome your guests with these crafty felt flowers. One of the best ways of giving colour to your décor is by placing these flowers in beautiful vases and brightening up your foyer.

crafty felt flowersCrafty felt flowers
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Silk flowers- Give your lobby a delicate and exotic look with these beautiful silk flowers. Their shiny surfaces give a very soothing effect to the eyes and can be really appealing. What can be better than giving your guests such a start!!

silky flowers
Silk flowers
Image Source:$_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F

Gulliver’s flowers- As the name suggests an oversized single Gulliver flower can prove its uniqueness and beauty. These flowers are very easy to make and all one requires is crepe paper, floral sticks and glue to prepare these. Gulliver’s DIY flower is a style statement and can liven up your entrance lobby with its aura.

Marigolds- Hand-made marigold flowers are easy to make and also economically friendly. No ceremony is complete in Indian culture without these flowers. So why not go for these traditional and beautiful paper made marigold flowers and give your foyer a festive look.

marigoldsMarigold flowers
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Beady trees- These unique and antique beady trees give your lobby a touch of nature. These are ever-lasting and need not be watered. However, these trees are to be chosen keeping in mind the colour and furniture of your lobby. Bonsai beady trees are a lot in fashion these days and are a good option to decorate your foyer.

beady treesBeady trees
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Minimalistic flowers- Redesign your lobby with these delicate looking minimalistic flowers and give it a classic look. These hand-made flowers go well with minimalistic interior design style. These can be made easily with wire and wooden stems and if tied in a bunch give a classic appeal.

minimalistic flowers
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/>Minimalistic flowers
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