Functionality over Form-Ravi and Anjali's preference

The Story of My Home Dated:  Feb. 14, 2014
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Yet another day and another new home- a small yet beautiful home painted luxuriously with the colors of life! I made my way to Mr. Ravi Bhargava’s residence at Janakpuri C Block, West Delhi without knowing that this casual visit would allow me to uncover his penchant for décor and sense of creativity and design. The house was big enough for Bhargavas, a family of three- Anjali and Ravi Bhargava and their son.

Sitting Area

The home has been thoughtfully planned with a clean layout and painstakingly maintained as well by Ravi Bhargava himself, an ex-army officer who now runs his own travel business.





The Wooden Stack

As we made our way to the Sitting room, the first few things that struck me were the paintings, the sculptures and a wooden stack on the wall. Anjali, who works at the Swedish Trade Council in New Delhi, is an avid traveller and had picked up these charcoal paintings from Thailand and the masks from Ladakh and Thailand, each an epitome of Buddhist art. The notable Buddhist figures recreated the historical magic. The wooden stack on the wall was bought from Fab India and served as the storage rack for curios, with quite a few idols of Lord Ganesha.


Living Room Setting

The sofas were aligned to the wall and then there was a round wooden coffee table positioned in the centre which complemented the wooden stack on the wall superbly. There is nothing like the perfect warm touch that wood adds to your home.


Wooden Bar Cabinet


Dining Set

The furniture - the tables, the bar cabinet and the dining set at Mr. Bhargava’s place are all made out of wood and are extremely durable. Most of the furniture has been exclusively picked up from the furniture market at Amar Colony, Gurgaon and Fab India. Their rock solid Dining Table is made of rubber wood (Malaysian) and the large center table in the living room is Swedish.


The Interesting Setting (over exposed varendah door with the sunrays filtering through)

Before we made our way to the lobby, Mr. Bhargava introduced us to one very interesting setting - The door to the balcony and their Pooja Ghar are strategically placed by design. Early morning, as the sun rises, its rays filter through the ventilator at the top of the door and directly fall on the Pooja Mandir in the study room that adjoins the living room. The Pooja/Study room was given a glass wall instead of a concrete wall (see right of the image below) towards the living room to create this effect. How I wished I were there in the morning to see the effect!


The Puja and Study Room- the light falls here

The room has also been very thoughtfully, well ventilated to make way for the smoke from incense sticks to dispel. Also, a very intelligent use of natural lighting was witnessed there.


On my way out- Shades of chartreuse


Shades of Fuchsia

And in order to observe how it would look from the study room, I rushed out of the room anxiously and this was when I noticed the screaming shades of chartreuse on the dining area wall and fuchsia on the lobby wall. They said it was painted two years back, but it looked extremely fresh and untouched. The vibrant colors everywhere made the home come alive and made the ambience delightful.

The Lobby

The lobby


Anjali In her Open Kitchen



First Extention from the Lobby and Vibrant Red Painted wall


Second Extention towards the siting room and the pooja room

The lobby had three extensions and an open kitchen, where Anjali told us what her dream home would look like. A home with lots of wide glass windows - tall French ones are all she longs for. The lobby opened into the master bed room and the kids’ room.


The Shaft

The lobby was not fully renovated yet it had much more hidden wonders. There was a shaft to the left  which had some sculptures and climber plants and was much of a store room. Not an ugly shaft there! And the Bhargavas had a huge glass window to the shaft.


The Family Wall


Van Gogh Print


Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint
Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Designzz
was a clock on the wall, surrounded by family portraits which showed how fast the time had flown. When I asked Mr. Bhargava about his dream home, he answered- “A lot of greenery with walking tracks and not a home as big as what we have now, so that its easy to maintain”.

Some Tips by Mr. Bhargava for the HomeOwners:

  • Keep surroundings clean
  • Look for bargains but don't go overboard. Visualise if you have an ideal placement for it.
  • Always use good quality paints that last.
  • Don’t leap into purchase- Take your time, think whether you want it or not, be sure of what you want and then buy.
  • Don’t pick up too much of stuff at one go.
  • When it comes to buying carpets, make sure that the quality is good.
  • Always buy comfortable and appealing furniture.
  • Must have an eye for detail- like if there is any water leakage, repair it on time. A stitch in time always saves nine.
  • Try to incorporate ample storage racks.
  • And last but not the least, he believes following the basic Vastu principles makes a difference and must be followed.

Finally, while leaving, I noticed something that I have hardly seen anywhere

Gentlemen Prefer I Poster
Gentlemen Prefer II Poster
Billard dining table,wooden billard table with top, two functions
this while -The Motion Sensor Detector which exemplified Mr. Bhargava’s sense of ecology and concern towards unnecessary wastage of electricity. The detector sensor allows the tube light in the staircase to get switched off and on automatically. The mechanism is simple. As soon as the sun goes down, the sensor gets activated and detects any motion on the steps and switches on the light for convenience and goes off by itself when the door is closed. And it comes in for a reasonable price. Furthermore, he has installed two CCTV cameras installed on the house entrance, which is being monitored by him, every now and then for safety purposes. Indeed, this is one family that has really thought out its needs pretty well and planned the home design around them. Bravo.

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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