Furnishing made easy - 20 awesome furniture products for you from ZingyHomes

Furniture Dated:  Feb. 8, 2016
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Tufty - Too Sofa, Product by B&B Italia

Finally have your dream house ready? It's time to furnish it- Furnish it with decor that creates a statement, which speaks your personality and taste and make your peers go envious of your collection.

Here are some prime decor elements you will need in your home that can brighten up your interiors apart from serving you with the obvious purpose.

1. Little Nap Lisse Recliner

Little Nap Lisse ReclinerBuy: Little Nap Lisse Recliner

A plush seating arrangement to go with the bold statement of your room.
The look is that of a rigid rock while the moment you sit its a heavenly experience- something we all long for after a long tiring day.

2. Hästens Novoria Adjustable Bed

Hastens Novoria Adjustable BedBuy: Hästens Novoria Adjustable Bed

No matter how your day has been, your night will definitely be a rejuvenating experience with this adjustable bed. Watch TV, read a book or have a chat with the head  turning into a back rest and fall into deep, satisfying sleep with turning it back into a bed- all this with a click on the specialised remote controller.

3. Crinoline Outdoor Armchair

Crinoline Outdoor ArmchairBuy: Crinoline Outdoor Armchair

A beautifully done outdoor armchair made of polythene, woven to give a perfect natural look as that  of a bamboo or wicker.

4. Centre table

Xilos TableBuy: Xilos Table

Centre table that works great for a tea time chat and as a 4 seater dining table. The legs of the table takes a unique look with connected limbs making it a sleek substitute for the giant ones. For easy self service, the round version of the table  has a revolving central tray.

5. Lunar Luxury Denim Pouf

Lunar Luxury Denim PoufBuy: Lunar Luxury Denim Pouf

Poufs are in trend for quite some time now. These have become one of the coolest and most convenient seating arrangement that can be pushed back under a table while not in use.
Nature lovers will be happy to know that it is made of recycled denim which infact accentuates its chic look.

6. Almora  Armchair

Almora ArmchairBuy: Almora Armchair

An armchair worthy to be called  a masterpiece. The chair  is trendy from top to bottom with a conical shaped seat and headrest made of oakwood. With a mix of leather, wood and plastic this chair sits well with any contemporary style.
A sleek ottoman  serves as the footrest with curved wooden upholstered seat which flaunts unparalleled beauty with the views of Himalayas embossed on it.

7. Moon system sofa

Moon system sofaBuy: Moon system sofa

An iconic design made into an impeccable piece of furniture. The curvy sofa is made to perfection with the headrest, armrest and the seat have their edges and corners disappeared as though melted to form a single shape. This can be a perfect furniture for your stylish living room.

 8. Canasta 13 outdoor sofa

Canasta 13 Outdoor SofaBuy: Canasta 13 Outdoor Sofa

This ultra stylish outdoor sofa and table made of polythene fibre can be mistaken for the real fibre with the flawless weaves and the design. Stuffed with plush cushions, these sofas are perfect seats for an evening outdoors,basking in the mild sunlight.

9. Husk beds

Husk BedBuy: Husk Luxury Bed

When its about beddings, the prime element we look for is comfort. Focusing not just on the comfort but also on the looks is this luxurious bed with a striking headboard design that can create a statement for your bedroom effortlessly.

10. Royal oak crockery cabinets

Royal Oak Crockery Cabinet (Brown)Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/royal-oak-crockery-cabinet-brown/B0114OPH9Y/

A perfect companion for your precious crockery collection.
With multiple racks and separate doors for each of them, the shelf done in rich dark finish makes for a fine accessory for your kitchen.

11. Handmade beaded napkin rings

Handmade beaded napkin ringsBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/itos365-handmade-beaded-napkin-rings-holder-for-dinning/B01AMHSJEO/

Add a final touch to your extravagant get together dinner with these fancy handcrafted napkin holders adorned with thousands of tiny beads.

12. Shelf Kit

Shelf - KitchenBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/shelf-kitchen/B018R4P3C0/

A stylish shelf the spice and condiments in your kitchen.
The shelf is made of rich wood, done in simple design that makes it a stylish accessory for your kitchen. A slim metal handle at the bottom is given to hang towels and aprons.

13. Wooden tea coaster (set of 6)

Wooden tea coasterBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/itos365-wooden-tea-coasters-sets-6-square-handicraft/B00US7R4RC/

This set of wooden tea coasters can be a great compliment for an antique styled dining table. Done in a simple design, this can reflect the boldness in your taste.

14. White collection bean chair

White Collection  Bean ChairBuy: White Collection Bean Chair

If you have a little princess in you, dying to come out as one, this bean chair will help you with that. With soft cushions to wrap you up and a tiny crown peeking out of the cushions, the princess will have a heavenly seating.

15. Fashion's furniture Chest Bar

Fashion FurnitureBuy: Fashion Furniture

This chest bar hand crafted in genuine leather will be all you need to showcase you exquisite collection of drinks.

16. Media storage unit 

A beautiful media storage unit which gives both a rustic and  contemporary look with its hue, texture and designs. The shade is such that it can compliment almost any colour you might have for your walls.

Media storage unitBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/home-by-shekhawati-global-home-burnt-tainin-shc-206/B017VSF5EY/

17. Uberlyfe Foldable Ottoman storage box cum stool

Uberlyfe Foldable Ottoman storage box cum stoolBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/uberlyfe-large-foldable-ottoman-storage-box-cum-stool/B017AYV55C/

Ottomans that works as an excellent storage space for toys, clothes or magazine.
The pattern is something that can make it a beautiful decor item. The best part is, when not in use, these can be folded and tucked away in shelves or closets.

18. Evana five layer shoe rack

Evana five layer shoe rackBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/evana-five-layer-shoe-rackshoe-shelfshoe-cabineteasy-installation/B01AK6226S/

Your pretty shoes need a pretty space to rest. This light weight, portable five layered shoe rack can be a perfect space organiser which can hold your footwear and have some space at the sides to hold magazines or newspapers.

19. Love Chair

Love chairs are one of the unique designs of our portal. Out of the box texture for the seat, sleek arm rest and above all- a built in storage space beneath the seat for blankets, cushions or newspaper makes it one of the most demanded decor.

Love ChairBuy: Love Chair

20. White gielgud bench with table

White gielgud bench with tableBuy: White Gielgud Bench with Table

A gorgeous marble bench like this ,oozing royalty and charm can make your outdoors look like a scene from the heavens. The intricate detailing on the back and arm rest makes, traditional thick legs and the wavy borders- all add sheen to the lustrous marble.

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