6 Must-have Furniture Pieces for Hall

Furniture Dated:  March 29, 2016
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Michel Sofa design by B&B Italia

With passing time, the line distinguishing between a living room and a hall is getting blurred. Halls as a concept originated in the iron age. They used to be large open spaces adjoining the main entrance of the house. As rooms got separated, this area shrunk to a hallway, giving way to living rooms, foyers and what not.

But a hall never ceases to include the spaces that have branched out and got specialised names. And so is the furniture for hall. It includes the living area, entrance hallway or foyer.

Console tables:

Console tables are tables set against the walls. These are usually placed at the foyer/entry way  which seats a flower vase or any antique collection that gives a warm welcome to the guests. Ranging from pure vintage designs to the modern chic ones, these console tables can serve as  highlighters to the wall decor – be it elegant mirrors or a collection of photo frames.

Console tablesConsole tables
Image Source: foter.com

Shoe rack/cabinet:

One essential piece of furniture in the hallway is definitely a shoe rack. Whether its just one pair or a dozen of them, shoes lying in a disorderly manner can demean the look of the house.  With a clean, stylish shoe rack, you can save the hall from looking cluttered and congested. Moreover, when the rack itself is a stunning piece of furniture, it becomes more than a concealer.

Shoe rackShoe rack
Image Source: www.snapdeal.com

Seating arrangement – sofas or classic chairs:

Now that living room is the transformed version of a hall, the space has to be provided with elegant seating arrangement. And we cannot imagine a living room without a superior quality sofa set or some classic chairs. To make the most of the space, multi purpose furniture can be used just like the one shown below.

ray luxury sofaBuy: Ray Luxury sofa

The living room has a mix of furniture all put into one. The L - shaped sofa also has a chaise lounge and an ottoman at one end. This can also be a turned into a day bed when the entertainment session is over.

Coffee table:

For a riveting conversation to start, you need some coffee or drink. A coffee table is hence yet another indispensable piece of furniture in the hall which serves as a living room.

Fire place:

Fire places are more than just room warmers. Along with serving the obvious purpose of warming up a room, these are great decorative elements to have in the main hall. If you are blessed to live in a tropical place, you might hardly need a fire place. But you can still have a faux fire place mantel constructed to give a warm ambience to your hall.

T V unit:

When the hall is essentially an entertainment area, you cannot afford to miss a TV unit. Do not underestimate a TV unit as just a space for mounting a TV. An elaborate TV unit can ideally serve to hold DVD players or other entertainment gadgets, show pieces or even books and magazine.
An expansive TV unit can even become the focal point of the hall when placed at an appropriate position.

TV unit TV unit designed by Interior Designer Sasimanojkumar Karpurapu

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