Give your Garage some real Transformation - it's worth it!

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  April 11, 2016
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Garage Conversion Idea

The garage which once sheltered your prized possession (probably a car) is now vacant, longing to be of some use. Don't shut it down and let gather dust and dirt. Instead, think of spaces you wanted to have at your home but could not (due to various reasons) and create them in your garage. If you are complacent with what you have at your home, then the above mentioned ideas will really make you do a re-thinking.

An additional bedroom

Want an additional guest room? Give the garage attached to your home a makeover. Get some bigger and bolder bedroom furniture and shift your room and design it the way you like. If you wish to have some electronic gadgets in your room make sure you have proper insulation in place to protect them for the harsh weathers.

Garage Conversion IdeaGarage Conversion Idea
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Your private work out station

As lazy as we are to hit a gym in spite of the firm resolution we take every year, getting fit just gets delayed. What if you can bring the gym to your house (if stepping out of the house is what holds you back)? An unused garage can transform into an industrial style gym with least makeover.  Proper ventilation, smoothened floors with carpets and of course, considerably high ceilings are all you need to prep the gym. So, bring in those gym equipment, your garage is waiting!

Library at home

Libraries are another utilitarian way of transforming an obsolete garage. Even when your house is overflowing with your favorite books and cannot make more space for them, you definitely won't think of donating (if they are your prized possessions). The next thing you will probably think of is to shift them to the store room where they will rest peacefully in sealed boxes covered with dust. Or.... you can make a better place for them. Where? Right in your garage!! Get some second hand book shelves or racks from the local/online store or your helpful neighbors. Add some chairs and tables and you can make it your study too. A hammock will not be a bad option either.

A much needed man cave

Often our house (or our family) does not allow us to spice up our room in our way (just because our design would look out of place for the well planned interiors). You don't have to let go your dreams of creating a man cave at all! Your garage has got your back! Provide the room with seats for your gang which visits you out of the blue, have a fridge and  a cool bar counter. Paint the room to your heart's content. No restrictions, no rules!

Garage Conversion OptionGarage Conversion Option
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Your indoor sports club

When you can't afford those exorbitant clubs for pool games or a match of table tennis or when you can't spare out time to travel to the ones which are miles away, a pool table setting in your garage can be a perfect alternative. A one time investment for the tables and you are ready with your private pool table games to beat those unreasonably priced clubs and malls.

Garage Conversion TipsGarage Conversion
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These are, as you know, just a few ideas among many. With your imagination, time and investment, sky is the limit. Garages can be transformed into any room – either by simple DIYs or with some professional help.

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