Get the North Indian Village theme decor for your home

Regional Architecture & Interiors Dated:  March 7, 2014
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Ah! The villages of India - Ever enchanting, ever mesmerizing! Have you ever thought how neat it would be if you actually set your mind to incorporate a North Indian village theme into your décor? Has it scared you enough to not touch the project? Don’t worry! With these easy tips from us, you can incorporate the idea and the feel of a village into your décor, and never regret it! It’s easy, it’s cost-effective, and it’s pretty doable too! Read on…

Firstly, think about how you want to do up your walls. In a few corners, you could plaster your walls with mud. Authentic, but can get a little bit messy. This is applicable to your den or pooja room. You could also cut little corners for shelves like you’d normally see in a village home. These plastered walls could be painted with murals for a classic look. The following style of mural painting called Warli has existed in Indian villages since time immemorial. The rest of your walls could use a color like a shade of yellow which you can accentuate with accent lighting for an authentic, village-y look.

Next is furniture. Ornate wood furniture doesn’t really say village. So, you could go with cane, bamboo or coir furniture. Use cushions covered with rich-colored dupattas or sarees with these pieces of furniture and you can give a rustic, beautiful look to your interiors. Coir and bamboo furniture are usually available in trade and art and craft fairs. A classic, strategically placed chaupayiwould also complete and augment your theme.

For furnishings, you could use rich-colored dupattas and sarees as drapes in your home. You could also make a faux hay and bamboo awning and decorate it with dupattas for a complete look. If you have a

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in your home, you could use the hay and bamboo awning idea for your bar counter, replete with seating arrangements with bamboo modas.

Choose the lighting you want to incorporate into your theme next. I would suggest accent lighting for the whole area. Yellow lights not only accentuate your rustic furniture, but also give a great look to the whole place. Candles and arty diyas are great auxiliary lighting ideas too.

Next - thematic decor accents. Put some thought into this one. You could make a hookah corner in your living room with a few mattresses and pillows and an ornate hookah stand. This would make for a classy corner, and with it, a place to chill and hang out. What’s more, you could learn the art of hookah making! You could also buy metallic and wooden figurines and accessories that give an edgy village look to your home.

You could also change the way your cutlery, tableware and glassware look. Have an authentic cabinet for your “village ware” with metallic bowls and glasses (tamba, peetaletc) and give an ethnic, authentic feel to your little village!

Your village could be anything
Nature Theme
Football Theme - Red
Football Theme - Red & Blue
want it to be. The theme is such that you can improvise and do anything that you feel like, although, authenticity is key. We hope that you have fun decorating!


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