Living room glass partition - Quick Guide

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Nov. 16, 2016
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Glass Partition for Living Room

Living room is an important area where we receive our guests. It is well said that the first impression is the last impression. Hence, our living room must have an element that is not just eye-catching but is also functional. Partition is one such element which is in trend these days. There exist various partitions that help us achieve some awesome design elements for our living room. One of the most popular types of partition these days is glass partition.

Glass partitions are known to be an ideal element that helps us in maximizing space without much effect on our pocket. Nowadays, people likes their home to be stylized in a modernize way. However, privacy is an element that every housemate demands.

Frosted glass partitions enable us to create such scenario where we have a large area with one being public for the guest and one can be used by the members of the family for their personal use. They help us retain the modern look along with cleanliness. These are better than the solid walls that make us feel a certain part of the house being divided. There are various other advantages of using Glass partitions in our living room. Some are as follows:

  • It helps us maintain an airy feeling along with the creativity
  • Adds privacy element to a semi-private space.
  • Helps us divide a bad designed place into two useful spaces.
  • It is very cost effective as it does not require any structural modification.
  • It can help us create different spaces using decorative partitions.
  • Installing glass partitions results in lesser mess than the other structural work.
  • Best part about using such glass partitions is that these are easy to clean and maintain.
Glass Partition DesignGlass Partition Design
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In this modernized era, our demands have increased and so have our expenses. Gone are the days when homes were bought at nominal rates. Owing a home of our own is itself a big thing now. Major population of people in our metropolitan cities, like Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon live in a small flat or apartment. A boring studio like apartment can be converted into a creative and exciting place by adding glass partitions like separating a sleeping area from the living area.

However, in large houses the glass partitions are used in the unused areas to make them usable. Glass is known to reduce the sound transfer from one room to adjacent room. It is best suited for a joint family where guests arrive often or continuous noise is present for other reasons.

In order to create a temporary partition, we can use sliding or motorized panels. It is best when you need partition for private areas that too without having them as a permanent barrier.

Living Room - Glass PartitionLiving Room - Glass Partition
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It not just helps us give a creative element to a crammed up living room but also gives an elegant and classy look to it with a help of a decorative glass partition. It can help us give a visual charm to our living room no matter whether the room is for formal or an informal meeting. By using glass partitions we can make a room appear big and it also does not limit the size of the room. Light also plays a major role in using the glass partition as light gives a radiant glow to the living room as it passes through the partition. This results in bringing life to a place.

So, it depends majorly on us that we choose to retain the look of our living room or try something extremely different to make it look more charming.

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