5 Glass Pooja Room Design Ideas

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  Oct. 6, 2016
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Glass Pooja Room Design Idea by Ar. Rajesh Patel

Pooja rooms are the most essential part in an indian household.

In the new high rise culture, our houses are shrinking & so are our spaces & whatever we can accommodate in them.

Spaces of worship are a part of our culture but unlike yesteryear houses we don’t have elaborate pooja spaces.

Now-a-days pooja rooms are accomodated where ever space permits.

Going with the trend, let us see some interestingly fascinating glass pooja room designs to inspire you & your space.

But before that!! How to you choose the appropriate space for your pooja room?

  • Determine the scale of your space- small, one god, big & elaborate as a room??
  • Is it a part of your routine or just another corner you need? You might not need the pooja room for yourself but the elders in house might need it; hence try to accommodate it in such a spot that it doesn’t affect your schedule.
  • Glass can be an expensive affair when it comes to maintainence. While it doesn’t have dusting issues it sure does have wiping issues. An atmosphere such as the one of pooja room attracts soot & stains which need to wiped out at regular intervals for it to look the way it was intended.

Now that you have taken into consideration the main things select one of the following types & go ahead & make a splendid pooja room for yourself!!

Let’s get started…

Glass Rooms:

Glass Mandir DesignsGlass Mandir Designs
Image Source: www.homemakeover.in

If you don’t have a nook in your house, then this might be the option for you. Create a glass enclosure wherever you want & “bamm!” you have a sleak & chick pooja room without much mess & that too at the place you want!

Nook & Corner:

glass mandir designs for homeGlass mandir designs for home by Interior Design Firm 999 Interiors Interiors

A little larger houses may have small spaces allocated for pooja. You could opt to have beautiful stain glass partitions to complete your beautiful pooja space.

Home Temple:

Glass TempleGlass Temple Designed by Interior Designer Sankalp Arora

Lots of space & too much bhakti?
You could build a mini-glass temple within your house. Glass can beautifully reflect both style & sacredness of the space while inculcating a divine look & visual transparency as well.

Glass & Wood:

Glass & Wooden pooja mandir designsGlass & Wooden pooja mandir designs by Interior Designer Iqbal Azam

A corner in your kitchen, or in your dining…..This pop-up pooja set up can come anywhere & never look a misfit.

Wood & glass almost fits every décor & theme as the enclosure can always be designed to fit into the existing interiors.

Corner Pooja Spaces:

Glass Pooja Room DesignGlass Pooja Room Design by Interior Designer Kamlesh Maniya

When you don’t have space you can choose to have a corner dedicated to the pooja space where it is limited to one corner.


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