Good architecture can make work fun!

Architecture Dated:  March 5, 2015
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The level of stress at work places is increasing like never before. Corporates are trying hard to ease out the work anxiety in offices by creating congenial work environment to provide maximum support to its employees. Presently, the traditional stereotype workstations and convention spaces are being converted to fun and comfortable areas. It has been realized that a lively, vivacious office setting is important not only to make the employees and workers feel bright, energetic and stress-free, but it also increases efficiency and productivity of employees, resulting in achieving more yield for the organisation.

At Design Consortium we have executed many innovative office spaces recently. Some of the exemplary projects are - the office of Globus Transitos, Edifecs and our own office, Design Consortium,  in Delhi.


In the Design Consortium office, we have used diverse colours, textures, patterns and many innovative and quirky seating areas to maintain a pleasing and lively environment. We have incorporated a lot of natural elements e.g.- a water cascade, a huge green wall laden with saplings, an amphitheater cum huddle zone for conducting casual meetings and a lot of spaces that get natural light throughout the day; though the Design Consortium office is a basement office, every corner receives natural light and is well ventilated, keeping the office mood tranquil and positive.

Meeting Room

The plan of the office is executed in such a way that the use of artificial lights and air conditioners is to the minimal.  The 2000 sq ft. office space has been very judiciously utilized. We have maximized the space by prudently creating various levels of metallic floorings.

When Design Consortium was given the task of building Globus Transitos office, the CEO, Mr. Rishi Jain, was very clear in his brief that he wanted an office which will be convenient

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use and would also radiate harmony. He wanted to make Globus Transitos a productive, creative and happy work place with an aesthetic environment.  As the company organises various indoor activities for its employees, they needed huddle zones and interesting enclosures for group discussions.  Keeping this in mind, we designed the four stories of the office, assigning different themes to each floor. The designs were inspired by the various work specialization of the company, which are logistics and international cargo business. The architectural excellence rendered to the project gave the Globus Transitos office a new character and brought a lot of vibrancy to the business atmosphere of the organization.

Some of the office rooms were designed like shipping containers, in line with the profile of their business. The interiors were given basic geometrical shapes of triangles, hexagons etc. paired with various solid colours. The colour schemes and shapes varied from floor to floor, giving each section its own identity and thus breaking away from the conventional single tone colour scheme of offices. The huddle zones on each floor broke the monotony of the office and provided informal discussion areas. The mezzanine floor, overlooking the double height area, was used as a lounge.

Cat Fun Wall Decal ( KC119 )
Good Things are Going to Happen Poster
Paris is Always a Good Idea Wall Decal ( KC249 )
also created a very interesting ‘den’ for the CEO, which is more like an executive lounge, located at an elevated level providing a total bird’s eye view of the office. 

Here are a few features you can incorporate in your office to create a vibrant workplace:

  • A secluded deck for the times you wish to work alone.
  • A library cum lounge space where you could read/browse peacefully.
  • An informal pebbled court could be added as a place to read or grab a bite.
  • An amphitheatre that can be used as an outdoor space to work, hold discussions, workshops etc.
  • A cascading water fall to have a touch of nature

Work space matters when it comes to creating productive environments. Design of a workplace is not just restricted to the outside of the building, the space inside matters more when productivity is in question. Increasing productivity and decreasing stress should be the aim of an organization today to achieve excellence. An office place should be such where people enjoy working; places they look forward coming to, even on Monday mornings and kill the Monday blues.

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