5 Design ideas to take from Google offices

Office Design & Decor Dated:  July 28, 2016
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Seating at Google office in Dublin, Image Source: www.home-designing.com

Office refers to a place where every person is associated with some duty. The main purpose of an office is to give an environment where the work carried out is progressive and profitable. Therefore, as a designer, it becomes very important to plan a comfortable workplace that is a lot more than just aesthetics. The ambience and atmosphere of the workplace should be such that it can keep the employees happy. This not only helps in improving the mental health of the workers but also increases the productivity of the office.

Google is well known for its unusual, offbeat and simply crazy office designs. Google/Alphabet has been chosen as the No. 1 company to work for the seventh time in 10 years by the Fortune Rankings. People simply love to work at Google, more so because of all the incredible in house facilities, perks and informal work environment. All facilities, right from restaurants, resting places, laundry to the gymnasium is available within the campus. In the Mountain View campus, people can even cycle around!

Google OfficeGoogle Office
Image Source: wirally.com
Mountain View campusAn employee rides a bicycle in the Mountain View campus
Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

It is evident that recreating that environment is quite difficult but let’s have a look at 5 ideas that we can take from the design of Google offices to make other offices more comfortable and employee-friendly.

  • Sleeping pods/Hammocks or simply resting places
View Google campusEnergyPods used at Mountain View Google campus
Image Source: www.geek.com

Yes, Google provides these customized sleeping pods to its employees at the Mountain View campus. In some offices, there are hammocks too. The idea behind this is for the employees to take power naps and get recharged. Hammocks, divans or even couches may be provided in any office to meet that purpose. 

  • Unconventional seating
Seating at Google officeSeating at Google office in Dublin
Image Source: www.home-designing.com

The idea of such an unconventional seating is to create a more comfortable and informal environment. People can lie down, stretch their backs and work in a more relaxed position. Even if the work desks are designed in the conventional style, there could be informal sit-outs, gazebos or even bean bags around the campus.   

  • Sports facilities and gymnasium  
A mini golf courtA mini golf court Google office in Toronto
Image Source: oddstuffmagazine.com

Exercise is essential for the body. Sadly, long working hours and a lifestyle where most people simply sit all day long in their offices, taking out time for exercise becomes difficult. So if not a gymnasium, simple indoor sports facilities like billiards, table tennis and even leisure sports like golf is an effective way to provide recreation within office hours. 

  • Lots of indoor plants
Indoor landscapingIndoor landscaping at Google office in Dublin
Image Source: www.fastcodesign.com

This is true for all types of spaces. It improves the indoor air quality and greenery helps in reducing stress and fatigue among the workers.

  • Themed meeting rooms or private pods
Egg shaped meeting roomsEgg shaped meeting rooms at Google office in Zurich
Image Source: www.businessinsider.co.id

Small secluded spaces can be provided for meetings or generally for the people to spend some quality private time.

Last but not the least, adding a dash of some bright colors can gently enliven the workplace. After all, the main idea is to make the office a more cheerful place.

Watch the video describing various Google offices here:

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