Colour Pick - Decor Done in Green

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 30, 2015
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Green Color Decorating Idea by Interior Designer Sonali Shah

When you are green, you are growing. When you are ripe, you rot”- Ray Kroc

These lines may have various interpretations. But the one thought that flashes in our mind when hearing the word 'green' is 'life'. Most of the surveys and researches also reveal that green is the ultimate colour that relaxes our eyes.

Green stands for life. Green stands for freshness and for the same reason we find things soothing and charming when they are done in 'green'.

How about doing our home in green? 

A fresh, rejuvenating feel is something that can lift up our mood when we are low and add sparks to the moments of happiness. Green is then the colour you are looking for.

Lively Living room:

The space where you entertain your guests, your family and yourself. Needless to say it has to bear a charming look oozing with freshness.   

Simple Green Living RoomSimple Green Living Room
Image source:

Green and white -a combination made in heaven.

An opulent living room drenched in snow white and lime green.

Sharp lines makes the room look bold and classy even with very little decor. Be it white coloured coffee table or the scenic cupboards in the background, the  green backdropping  gives them a highlight. The sparing use of black too is a creative idea to give  depth to the room. 

Playful green for kids:

kids Roomkids Room Decor
Image source:

Kids are the face of innocence, energy and playfulness. What better colour to paint their room than in the shades of green?!

Green and yellow are like siblings. The playful ambience these colours together create will turn the bedroom into a fantasy land for the kids.

Green Kitchen:

Green counter modern kitchenGreen modern kitchen Decoration
Image source:

How humble is the colour 'lime green'  to accept and enhance every other colour that comes to it!
The kitchen counter done in green and white magnifies the richness of their darker counterparts in the kitchen- orange and pitch black.

One for the master:

Master bedroomMaster bedroom decor
Image source:

A flamboyant master bedroom displaying the  magic of colours. Black and white foliage printed curtains exalts  the richness of the green walls.

A touch of green:

Green Home DecorGreen Home Decor
Image source:

You don't have to completely redo the room if you wish to make your room greener. Sometimes, a touch of green is all you need to bring your otherwise bland but opulent room to life!

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