Hall bar designs!!!

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  July 13, 2016
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Hall Bar Design

All of us like pubbing, drinking and enjoying. Have you ever thought how it would be if you had your own little bar at home?!
Your own space to stretch and relax over a beer!! Just wow…isn’t it?

Now I’l help set up your bar table in your vicinity… ;-)

Hall Bar DesignHall Bar Design
Image Source: www.magpiesonman.com

You can either choose make the bar “The defining statement” of your house or just be a sub-statement hidden into your den.

Here are a few designs perfect for you and your space:-

1. The “STATEMENT” Bar

Some people would want to define their living space by the bar. An elaborate, posh bar wouldn’t do anyone any bad now, would it?!

STATEMENT  BarStatement Bar
Image Source: www.decoist.com

You can choose to have posh, linen decked chairs with a marble table and a huge shelf for your booze collection display.

This can be topped up with lights to go along and create the mood….!!   

Living Room BarLiving Room Bar
Image Source: www.usledsupply.com

Yet again you can choose to have dim and streaky lights for that pub-effect or have soft yellow lights for the classy touch.

Bar Counter DesignBar Counter Design
Image Source: www.chez.surlabreche.com

2. The centre table bar

centre table barCentre table bar
Image Source: www.qarmazi.com

The television area in the living is the most occupied region of all times. 

Why don’t you try incorporating it with your fav-bar, so that you have your beer watching your match.

These spaces may double up as mini-diners as well. Plus it makes your family tv time interesting.

The bar table will not look out of place, rather would blend into your space well.

3. “SLEEK” bar

Sleek barSleek bar
Image Source: www.familyleisure.com
Sleek bar designSleek bar design
Image Source: www.gazebokings.com,                                                        www.eberduckdns.org

These kind of bars you can accommodate almost any and everywhere. They are the “on the go” bars, which don’t need the paparazzi of elaborate spacing.

You can almost accommodate your bottles anywhere from a linear shelf to a slender slot in your ding table or right under your stairway!!

Hall Bar DesignHall Bar Design
Image Source: www.hgtv.com,                                                                                             www.desertlighting.co.in

4. The “perfect spot” bar

perfect spot barperfect spot bar
Image Source: www.bestdsgn.com

You could set up your table at any cozy corner or spot of your house you like. This shall be an intimate and feel good affair you will fall in love with.

5. “make-shift” bars

Bar Design IdeaBar Design Idea
Image Source: www.hometrendesign.com,                                                                             www.stickybuffalo.com
Bar DesignBar Design
Image Source: www.vailet.org

These make shift bars are a nice option for anyone with a space crunch. These can be set up any where and can be packed up and put aside at the same pace.

Easy. Convenient. Re-modelable. 

6. Kitchen Bar

Kitchen BarKitchen Bar
Image Source: www.designyourinteriors.com,                                                      www.hgtv.com
kitchen counterkitchen counter
Image Source: www.onekindesign.com

Along the kitchen or shelf counters, just go along with any kind of interiors. They just occupy the normal space, fit into the vertical shelves or along your kitchen counters.

7. The “centre u” bars

centre u barsCentre u bars
Image Source: www.equu.doinjustfine.com,                                                                                         www.furniturepick.com

Your “centre u” bars are recommended for large spaces where you can have such a set-up in the middle of the living without congestion.

You can customize your u-table suiting your interiors.

                    THANK YOU FOR READING…… HOPE YOU LIKE IT  

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