5 Hallway Decorating Ideas and Tips

Decor Tips Dated:  Sept. 18, 2015
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Hallway Decor Ideas, Design by: Ar. Amit Khanna

Hallway- is an interior passage or corridor on to which rooms open. This passage way may lead to a dining area or a living room. It’s not just your entryway; it is much more like a first impression on your guests and an integral part of your home. Here are some different ideas which can help you in decorating your hallway.

1.  A photo gallery full of memories:-

This is an idea which you will love to do and once you do it, you are going to cherish it for lifetime. Here I am talking about your hallway wall which can be turned into a wall full of memories with your pictures from childhood to present. Use different photo frames whichever goes best with your wall and make it look beautiful.

Hallway wall interiorHallway wall Interior
Image source: https://cdni.condenast.co.uk/639x426/g_j/HallwaysInteriourGallery4_V_14feb12_pr_b.jpg

2. Ingenious storage solutions with perfect furniture:-

A hallway does not have to be an overcrowded space with sofa’s or chairs but it requires very limited things which makes it look spacious. Your hallway furniture can include a coat stand, radiator cover, key stand, slim coffee table with long legs or a bench. This furniture should be set up for things which you require while setting off from home.

Hallway design ideasHallway Design Ideas
Image source: https://adorable-home.com/wp-content/gallery/hallway-design-ideas/hallway-design-ideas-13.jpg

3. Liven it up with lighting:-

Lighting is something which changes the look of anyplace. And for lighting your hallway I would suggest you to go for high ceiling chandeliers or wall lighting with some trendy lamps. One thing to keep in mind is that the lighting should not be too colorful but go for some simple option like white or yellow lights.

hallway decor lightingsHallway decor lightings
Image source: https://www.decoradvisor.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/hallway-decor-lightings.jpg

4. Bring some natural essence and make it colorful:-

Natural essence of flowers can easily decorate your place. Just go for something different either keep vases on your slim tables or hang some wall vases. Try to keep natural flowers but if that is not possible go for the handmade ones.

Hallway Decor IdeasHallway Decor Ideas
Image source: https://inesblank.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/cool-wainscoting-and-framed-painting-feat-best-indoor-flowers-hallway-decorating-idea-plus-wooden-console-table.jpg

5. Add on a rug:-

A very simple and trendy way to give a unique look to a place is to add on a rug. There is a large variety of designs in them; all you have to do is choose it wisely. Go for some different color and design.

Hallway Flooring IdeasHallway Flooring Ideas
Image source: https://www.funkyrugs.co.uk/shop/icon.php?categoryid=60
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