15 Types of Hanging Lights for your Bedroom

Home Lighting Dated:  July 20, 2016
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Pendant Lights, Image Source: homeozoic.com

The perfect mood. The perfect lighting. Your bedroom. Could it get any better?  The best get away for a peaceful transition into sleep or just relaxation. There is no place like home and the best part is you can do it all, with the touch of a switch!!

The lighting in a room can set the atmosphere. Let’s talk bedroom lighting.

Traditionally, Bedroom lighting has always been a set of attractive table lamps .Sometimes, even better, some recessed lighting or cove lights for your false ceiling. Times with chandeliers and scones also existed. Now, without leaving out the rustic touch of the old style and a with a mix of modernity, we have the contemporary hanging lights!

Hanging lights give a unique look of their own! These hanging lights include pendants (lights with a cord or chain system for hanging) of various types like bowl pendants, mini pendants, bell pendants and linear pendants. Chandeliers are also decorative hanging lights having more number of arms. The chandeliers are of various types mainly on the basis of their size and sometimes shape. 

Here are few examples:

Chandelier Light for BedroomChandelier Light for Bedroom
Image Source: www.hdsconcept.com
Chandeliers LightChandeliers Light
Image Source: www.sleephappens.com

A hanging bedroom light can bring ambient lighting to you room. It depends on the way we decide to position the lights. These bedside hanging lights can also be used for task lighting. It can help us do some late night reading or work on our laptop.

These are few circular pendant lights along the bedside. The can come as a single piece of globe or a numbered few of them. These lights are chic and classic. They blend in beautifully with the tone of the room.

Bedside Pendant LightsBedside Pendant Lights
Image Source: www.mainfeile.com
Bedside Pendant LightsBedside Pendant Lights
Image Source: www.adesignideas.com

The idea of a hanging light is to use up the vertical space in a room consciously saving space on your bedside or on your table. That space can be utilised to place beautiful flower vases, Books or even act as a work space for the workaholics!

Pendant lights come with usage of many different materials like bronze, nickel, steel, blown glass and stained glass.

Bedroom LightingBedroom Lighting
Image Source: www.thelifecreativeblog.com

This is a drum pendant light made out of metal. They combine with the recessed lighting in the room and give a contemporary effect to the space.

Bedroom with Zebra Pattern RuggedBedroom with Zebra Pattern Rugged
Image Source: homeozoic.com

Zebra pattern rugged in a black and white themed bedroom. A pair of pendant lights by the bedside adds more momentum to the space.

Why always the bedside or even above the bed? Because hanging lights are often placed above the main element in a room – bed, in the case of a bedroom. But it needn’t always be like that. Take a look at the following example, the lights are widespread. They create a dazzling charm to the space and set a romantic mood. Maybe not your everyday bedroom style, but your holiday getaway?! Yes!

Hanging LightsHanging Lights
Image Source: www.goddesslife.com
Unique Bedroom DesignUnique Bedroom Design
Image Source: 7decorideas.com

When you place a chandelier or a pendant above the bed, it creates a focal point. Few such cases are given below:

Purple Bedroom DesignPurple Bedroom Design
Image Source: wide-wallpapers.net
Ceiling Hanging LightCeiling Hanging Light
Image Source: www.diningdecorate.com
Brown LampBrown Lamp
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In this example, a variety of lighting is used. There is a chandelier, a sconce, a tableside lamp and a ceiling mounted light. This is a methodology to coordinate hanging lights with other forms of lighting. A single glare or source of light is boring and monotonous. To light up the room with a group of lights is interesting!

Unique chandelierUnique chandelier
Image Source: homeozoic.com

This is a modern chandelier set above the bed. It complements the theme of the space beautifully.

Modern ChandelierModern Chandelier
Image Source: www.maldita-dulzura.com

It can feel like Christmas every day! With the help of these pendant lights hanging above your bedding. They provide ambient lighting.

Globes of PendantsGlobes of Pendants
Image Source: www.archilovers.com

The above design is extremely lovely .Globes of pendants near you bedside – no more, no less.

Cylinder PendantCylinder Pendant
Image Source: www.elledecor.com

This design is simple yet elegant – Just one cylinder pendant.

Whatever way or style of you r choice of hanging lights, make sure you scale the light sources to the size of the room. When you decide to choose bedside hanging lights, make sure they are placed in an appropriate height and done hit your head. Also make sure the light is at a good distance from fabrics and flammable materials. Rest said, it is on the full play of your creativity and fashion taste to choose your choice of hanging lights for your bedroom space!

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