Home Decor Ideas Using Waste Material

Green Homes Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Eco Friendly Design by: Architect, Nilanjan Bhowal

The holiday season, Diwali, Christmas and the New Year always urge us to clean out and clean up. I know how hard a task it is to clean out your storage area before the season strikes. But what if you can redecorate your house by using the junk that you’ve accumulated in all that time? Sounds like a boon, right? Okay! Let’s help you do it!

1)   After each carpenter job, we tend to have a lot of scrap wood. You could use this wood to make singular wall shelves. Scrape the surface, even out and paint or polish the shelf and you’re good to go. Also, these shelves can be remodelled into an impromptu bookshelf or a magazine stand in a cool colour like blue or green which will stand out and be extremely funky. 

2)    You can also use leftover strips of wood to design a low seating arrangement. All that you’ve got to do is make a frame with some leftover ply wood, cover it with vinyl and polish it. Fill it up with a couple of mattresses that have been sitting duck in your house and bam! New arrangement for a sofa set! Cover these up with traditional looking bed sheets and lots of cushions and round pillows. They make for beautiful seating arrangements. If you feel up to do a little bit of carpentering, you could also use these scrap pieces of wood to make a new swing that would adorn your living area beautifully.

3)   Glass Jars or old glassware like cups and shallow chalices could be recycled and used as centerpieces for your home. Fill these up with water and flowers and candles for a floating candles look, or with pebbles of contrasting colors. Brightening up never harmed anybody, now did it? The containers could

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be filled up with incense or potpourri and kept in your bathroom or bedroom.

4)    A way to add some spark to a study room or entertainment area is to jazz up what would’ve otherwise been a bland space. Pick out an old chair, upholster it with some hip cloth, repaint it and you’ve immediately increased the hip quotient of the room. You can also repaint discarded drawers and make a cool looking CD or mini novel stand for the room. Discarded planks of wood could be painted and fixed up as bookshelves too.

5)    A bland, plain-Jane mirror could be made into a beauty queen’s vanity area without much hassle. Raid your stock of old dupattas or sarees and find something in a soft material, preferably shiny, and deck it up with Christmas lights. Put this up in your bedroom or in your teenage daughter’s bedroom and boy will she thank you for it!  You can also add an old chest of drawers beneath it to make this a whole arrangement of your beauty related needs.

6)    A good way to jazz up your walls is by hanging up old wicker baskets and filling them up with a

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bunch of faux flowers. These look great, fill up your walls and old wicker baskets impart a sense of history to your home.

7)    Who doesn’t like a hanging planter? You could make hanging planters out of old tin cans, old drawers, wood scrap and even cloth hangers, and these look great anywhere! They could make for amazing patio or porch decorative items. Have that hanging garden with the seasonal flowers that you’ve always desired!

There is this and much more that you can do with your leftover stuff. Raid the attics and redefine your house before the season strikes again! Share the pictures with us too.

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