Hits and Misses: Home decor mistakes you need to avoid

Decor Tips Dated:  Aug. 12, 2015
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Whether you own a new home or not, there’s no denying that you always get excited whenever you step inside IKEA or home department stores. Seeing all these lovely furnitures, throw pillow designs, wall design and colors, cabinets and wall accessories get you all excited and thinking “This would look great in our home.” But will it?

Decorating is a trial and error process. It’s like buying a set of clothes, you have to fit them all first and mix and match it to decide whether you really need to purchase them or not and finally come down into a fierce yet still comfortable outfit.

It’s time to get rid of your wall fully covered with portraits and your eggplant-colored bathroom. Never lay eyes on your terribly decorated and designed home again. Here are the most common home decorating mistakes you need to avoid:

Overloaded with photos: Instead of placing your picture frames on your cabinet tables, hang them on your wall in coordinated photo frames. Also, try making a collage of a number of photos and put it in one picture frame to make your space seem clutter-free. You can also hang your photos in your stairway wall. Just bear in mind, as much as you like displaying your family portraits, it might seem overly decorated and unsettling to some of your guests. It’s okay to stamp your personality and sentiments in your home but not too much. Let them just peek, don’t reveal it all. Choose only the most memorable and unforgettable ones and you may just post the others on your social media accounts.

Too many themes: Settle on what theme you really want. If you can’t decide between modern design and an earth toned design, you might want to have your living room in modern decorations and design while your bedroom in

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earth themed room, to fulfill your satisfaction. What do you really want? Ask yourself when you’re about to choose among home themes “Would I still like this 2 or 5 years from now?” “Does this reflect my personality?”. If you think you’ll get the hang of it in a year, consider choosing a neutral interior design -- one that is not too risky for your taste.

Artworks hung too high or too low: You put your artworks on exhibit for people to see, right? And usually, you prefer to install it as the major interesting element in your room, might as well hang it accordingly. Regardless of it being the eye-catching piece in your living room or not, your need to know how to position it properly. The trick here is to hang it in an eye-level position -- not too high to tilt your head upwards, not too low to tilt your head downwards.

Afraid of bold colors: Having your room painted white along with your furniture, cabinets, accessories and the likes is too boring, flat and dull-looking. It is understood that you want a neat, white room but don’t limit yourself to that. Add at least a touch of a bold color.

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say your headboard, have it in other patterned color as well as your throw pillows. You can always opt for a bright abstract or graphic artwork hung above your bed to add a touch of color.  An interestingly structured centerpiece or a neon chair. Remember, colors are your friend, don’t fear them.

Too much throw pillows: Yes, this is a mistake. No matter how cute or cozy it is, you need to stop piling a handful of throw pillows in your couch or bed. Just keep a reasonable number of these so the next time you want to lay down your furniture or bed, you won’t have to declutter the space and throw them all on the sides. It’s okay to still choose comfort over style especially when you’re drowning in a sea of pillows. That’s just unlikely.

Buying paint without testing it: This is where most of the homeowners fail. Colors can be deceiving, yes, especially when you don’t try and test it beforehand. Paint cans can look different when it is actually applied on your wall.  With your wall texture and lighting, the color can come completely off. So, to save you the hassle and money, test it first. Always. Never skip the testing part for your may only live and settle with a horrendous color scheme.

Buying small accessories: Resisting your urge to buy small accessories such as a trendy expensive lamp, center pieces, display marbles, jewelry holder or storage and the likes may save you more money to buy for an even more substantial piece you can keep for a long period of time such as a nice couch or book nook furniture. Determine which ones you really need. If you just want it but don’t essentially need it, let it pass. Make wise spending decisions so you won’t regret throwing a stack of bills in the trash.

The trendy piece: Yes, it looks so beautiful in the magazine or IKEA but how do you think it will look in your own home? What if it couldn’t even fit your door? Also, buying trendy items isn’t too reasonable since it will become outdated over time. Buy things you’ll be able to keep for a long time and that are practical but at the same time looks good in your home.

These are only a few of the many home decorating mistakes and mishaps committed by homeowners. As much as you can, consult an interior designer or someone you may know that has experience and knowledge in home decor and design to help you with your design-related concerns.

Remember, your home should reflect your own being so keep in mind that it’s okay to personalize it. Who doesn’t want to arrive home from a tedious day and set foot in your calming and relaxing home? No more days living in a dull or an unsettling over-decorated house, don’t forget these items to prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes. Good luck on your home decor mission!

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