Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali

Festive Decor Dated:  Sept. 9, 2014
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diwali decor

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Festive season has just begun. The month of October- November usually see markets brimming with candles, diyas, lights, lanterns and other festive decor accents. Well, sometimes the pomp in the downtown markets leave people flabbergasted. Some have no idea what decorative pieces would complement their interiors and some despite knowing what could go with their decor might not understand how to trigger the remote- i.e. do the makeover

Anyways, we have surprises for you as well as your guests this season and bet your bottom dollar, you would be thanking us for such an innovative revamp! I would segregate this article in two sections for your convenience.

Things you will need

Diwali is the only festival where you get to exhibit a good home show and therefore it’s important to maintain a separate decor wish-list. Jot down the following. You may add more if required.

  • Candles (normal as well as floating)
  • Decorative Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Diyas (metallic as well as clay)
  • Marigold Flowers
  • Peppy Color powders for Rangoli / Alpana
  • Hand Crafted Wall Art
  • Attractive Centerpieces
  • Festoons / Traditional Bandhanwars
  • Goodess Laxmi Foot Prints / Impressions


Diwali Home Decoration Tips

Before going into the details, decide your objective - what kind of decor you are looking for? Ethnic and peppy, eclectic or minimal. Usually, festive decorations are marked by peppy colors but don’t do what everyone is doing. Choose your own way. And, once you have figured out the decor essentials, all you need is to put them in right place.


exterior lighting
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My home building all lighted up!
uploaded by: Devashruti Banerjee

1. Entrance Gate

According to Hindu Mythology, it is believed that on this auspicious night, Goddess Lakshmi arrives at the door and bestows upon her devotees wealth and prosperity. And therefore, on the eve of Diwali, people make sure that their entrance gate or the front door looks very inviting.

And since everyone lines up the led bulbs over the main door/ front gate, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t do that. But that apart, you can adorn these gates/ doors with festoons (bandhanwar) or marigold garlands too. And yes, don’t forget to glue the holy impressions of Goddess Laxmi's feet on the threshold.

Rangoli and flower decorations
Gold metallic leaves, rice rangoli, flowers and diyas make up this Diwali decor.
uploaded by: Urmil Gupta
Pinex Decor
Decorative Tree
Decorative Plant
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2. Foyer / Space near the entrance

It doesn't matter whether the space near your entrance narrows into a passage or opens up seamlessly to join the foyer space. A Rangoli/ Alpana can be drawn anywhere. Decide a shape, and then fill in right colors in the Rangoli. Choice of a proper color combo would support your ethnic decor endeavors.

If you have side tables or shelves in the area, decorate them with shallow basins filled with floating candles or use decorative lanterns. You may purchase several variants of one lantern or buy multiple lanterns if you want.

3. Staircase


Living in a duplex apartment? You need to take care of the staircase then. Simply wound the series bulb around the balusters and place a pair of diyas on every step. And if you can, glue the sticker footprints of the Goddess on every step.

Around the diyas, you can do small rangoli patterns and fill them up with finely shredded marigold petals.

4. Living Room

Living Room can be dressed to look its best and all eyes would trace the coffee table if it is loaded with the best Diwali decor accents. Display a collage of floating candles, metallic diyas, one or more lanterns and flower vases..

Change the cushion covers and the curtains. Jazz up your decor theme for a day with brightly sequined cushions and throws created out of old silk sarees or dupattas.

5. Pooja Room

After trailing through various rooms, Goddess Lakshmi finally arrives here. So, how can you make sure that your endeavors would finally make her happy?

Light up the room with candles, diyas and lanterns. Spruce up the walls with fancy wall-art or paper-crafts representing the Goddess or "Swastika". And above all, the Pooja Mandir should be decorated to perfection. Weave a traditional bandhanwar around the Mandir dwar, place a bowl of fresh flowers and a tray of diyas. Make sure you have the floating candles too. The aroma would keep the entire aura mesmerized!

Well, now once you are all set, invite your guests to show around your Diwali decor endeavors and quietly wait for the Goddess to arrive!

Infact, why not start a decor contest with your friends and family this Diwali?

Believe us, a healthy contest will add a lot more fun to your Diwali. And don't forget to share your pics with us on the Diwali ZingBoard!

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